Friday, May 07, 2010

Flashback Friday: Teachers

Joining Flashback Friday at Mocha With Linda again this week . . . 
Tell us about the teachers from your school days. Who were your favorites? Why did you like them? How did they influence your life, your occupation, or another aspect? Have you ever gone back & seen or contacted a favorite teacher to express your appreciation? Do you still keep up with any of your teachers? Was Teacher Appreciation Day/Week celebrated when you were in school? (Just share about favorites this week; we'll visit the not-so-stellar teacher memories another day!)

I had some wonderful teachers as I was growing up! Most of my school years were spent in Christian schools, so many of the men and women who taught me considered teaching a ministry as well as an occupation. They all went to the same churches I did, too, which allowed me to see them outside the classroom, eliminating that shock a child gets when she sees her teacher at the grocery store and realizes that teachers have lives too! LOL As I look back, I've noticed that my favorite teachers were the ones who had great classroom discipline, who expected my best and brought out my best, and who were my friends but not my buddies - there is a difference. I didn't keep up with any of my teachers till recently, when I found a few of them on Facebook. When we would visit "back home" I would occasionally see one of them at church. My husband and I went to high school together, so our teachers saw the beginning of our relationship, and I think most of them knew we had married each other. It was fun to show them we were still the same old Wes and Susan and that we were still together - and just look at our babies!!! I think that was the most fun of all - introducing them to our children!

Some of my favorite teachers:

Mrs. Brenda Acker, 6th grade ~ Mrs. Acker had beautiful handwriting; it looked just like the cursive alphabet that lined the top of the chalkboard in our classroom! She had great classroom discipline without being mean; she spoke and all was calm. I don't know how she did it! She always made me feel like I was one of her best students, and that made me want to do well to please her. I don't know where Mrs. Acker is now; if any of my friends from school are reading this and know where she is and what she's doing, I'd love to hear about her!

Miss Katherine Oestreich, 7th grade math ~ Miss Oestreich took me under her wing that year. My mother was sick and in the hospital a lot, so Miss O. took time with me after school hours to take me to an art museum and to her home. I don't know if other teachers ever did that with their students, but it made an impression on me, and I've never forgotten her kindness.

Mrs. June Tuck, Algebra II ~ Mrs. Tuck is my all-time favorite teacher! She knew her subject well, she expected hard work in her class, she was always available to help with a problem, and she was our friend even outside the classroom. She's one of my Facebook friends now. She's not just "Mrs. Tuck" anymore. She's DR. Tuck! I love that she has earned her doctorate - so inspiring!

Mr. Joey Jarrell, History ~ Mr. Jarrell was another tough teacher that I loved. He also expected my best, and he rewarded me with the grades I deserved when I didn't give my best! He made history interesting and lively, at least to me, and he was great with current events and how they tied in with history. We students did hate one thing about his classes: each semester he divided the class into teams of 3-4 students each, and we had to produce one bulletin board and one skit dealing with what we were learning that semester. Oh, how we hated those bulletin boards and skits! Let's just say I will never, ever forget John Brown and his body a-mouldering in the grave! ;)

It's been fun to remember my favorite teachers! I wish them each a Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!


  1. What a fun flashback! I'm so glad you joined in.

    And I don't know what the deal is with the button at the top of the post. (I assume that it was supposed to be the FF button? It's showing up fine on other blogs, including mine. Sometimes I think computers are possessed!

  2. Yea Teachers!!!!

  3. Linda ~~ I can't figure it out either. Last week, I had a problem while I was composing the post, then when I posted it, the picture was there. This week, not so. I copied and pasted the code straight from your sidebar.

    Diana ~~ Teachers work hard for little recognition! Yay for teachers, indeed! :)

  4. The best teachers are the ones who challenge us. They pull from us more than we knew we had inside. You had some great teachers.

  5. Couldn't agree more, Quilly! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. At one point I was reading this but then realized I never finished nor commented! I must have gotten distracted. I enjoyed reading about your favorite teachers.


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