Friday, April 16, 2010

My Kitchen

My blog friend, Barbara of Stray Thoughts, did this kitchen meme earlier in the week. I liked it, so I decided to do it too. She found this one at Mama Bear's.

 My kitchen this morning. Not spotless, but working!

1. Do you have magnets on your fridge? A few, but I try to keep them to a minimum so they don't take over the kitchen!
2. Do you have a calendar in your kitchen, if so, what’s the theme of it? I have a cute little free one that I printed out from a number of things. It makes me happy to see it hanging on my fridge; I love the nature-themed watercolors on it.
3. What is your favorite kitchen gadget? We just got a Magic Bullet. I love it!
4. Are you lucky enough to have a pantry of some kind? Yes, we have a tiny pantry in our kitchen, for which I'm so thankful! 
5.What is your favorite appliance? My bread machine. I use it several times a week.
6. Do you have an eat in kitchen (table in it)? No.
7. Do you have a bread box? No
8. Do you have a picture of your kids on the fridge? I actually have a picture of just one of my kids on the fridge. West Coast provides a promotional poster to the parents of each of its summer tour group members, and I still have last summer's with Sam on it. So we actually have several other parents' sons hanging on our fridge, but only one of ours! LOL

 Sam is the middle guy on the bottom row
9. Do you ever cook breakfast in your PJs? Not too often. I like to shower and dress before I come downstairs to start the day. But every now and then I do.
10. Do you have a favorite cookbook that you use? My basic Better Homes and Gardens red plaid. I still use it quite a bit to look up just basic stuff. I also use Taste of Home's website quite regularly. I have a stack of the magazines, but now I usually print them off to use instead of using the magazines. Could it be time to part with my precious TOH mags???
11. Are you lucky enough to have recipes that were passed down from your mom or grandma? No specific recipes, but I do make things the way I watched them do it as a child, like biscuits - always make them with buttermilk and shape them by hand, just like Granny!
12. What’s your favorite food? My first love is desserts of all kinds, but since I'm diabetic I have to lay off of those for the most part. My next choice would be steak or chicken - I'm a hopeless carnivore! :)
13. What’s your favorite thing to cook? I love to cook crockpot meals. They're so easy, and I love to smell them cooking all day and knowing I don't have to rush at dinner time to get it on the table.

14. Is your coffee pot electric or stove top? Electric drip coffeemaker
15. Do you ever make your own bread? Yes! We love homemade yeast rolls, and I make pizza dough every Friday.
16. Name one thing that you have hanging on your wall in your kitchen: I have a black wire hook thing, where I hang my aprons.

 Looks like I hang more than aprons here!
17. Is there a clock in your kitchen? Yes, right above the black hooks.
18. Do you have a bowl of fruit sitting on your table or counter? Yes. It's actually an antique dough tray that belonged to my great-grandmother.

 We're trying to eat more fruit. Can you tell?!
19. What type of canisters do you have? Tupperware, from about 20 years ago - kind of a speckled blue with blue lids.
20. Does your kitchen have a theme? More of a color. I love red, so I have red-striped valances and a few apple accents.
21. What’s for supper tonight? Homemade pizza!
22. Do you have enough cabinet space? I think so. We didn't until we got a kitchen island for free from Craigslist, but it gave me some more cabinet and counter space.
23. Does your family use paper plates? Occasionally, but not very often.
24. Do you have a good set of china? Yes, I have my mother's set that her brother bought her when he was stationed in Japan in the early '60s. I use it for holidays and special dinners. I don't want to get to the end of my life with stuff I never used!

25. Do you wear an apron to work in your kitchen? I have to! I'm such a klutz in the kitchen that I kept getting all kinds of stains on my clothes, so I started wearing aprons.
26. Name one thing, if anything, that you would like to change about your kitchen. I would rearrange the cabinets and have a larger pantry, but it works well the way it is.


  1. I really like your kitchen - it looks very comfy and easy to be in

  2. Diana ~~ I enjoy it!

    Rhonda ~~ It's big and roomy, very comfy!

  3. Beautiful Kitchen-I love the red accents. The dough tray is really neato!

    Oscar (The one on the top right of your poster) was one of my husband's bus kids! His dad just came with us to help us drive all the way down to Hidalgo, Mexico.

  4. Sarah ~~ What a neat connection to Oscar! I love to hear stories of bus kids that go on to serve the Lord. I'll have to tell Sam about that!

  5. Your kitchen looks bright and cozy!

    My mom had apples in her kitchen, too.

    I especially love crock pots for company meals. It not only cooks a lot, but the main course is made and I don't have to scurry around with it at the last minute. Plus there is a little wiggle room time-wise if the guests run late. I also like it for meals to take to new moms or someone home from the hospital, etc. -- it makes enough for my family and theirs, and our portion can keep warm while I run theirs to them.

    I love my sweets (too much) and am a hopeless carnivore, too!

    I do remember that calendar -- very cute!

    I wish we had room for an island in the kitchen, but ours will barely allow more than one person without running into each other.

    I have thought about a bread machine. We don't have room for one now, but maybe some day...

  6. Barbara ~~ I have really enjoyed my island. It isn't "pretty" like I wanted, but it's serving its purpose well.

    I love my bread machine simply because I can mix up dough in it! We don't like the bread baked in the machine so much, but it's so nice to have the dough ready and waiting when I'm ready for it. Mine will also do quick breads. I made banana bread in it the other day, and it wasn't too bad.


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