Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

I wanted to join the Friday Night Sew-In last month, but it just didn't work out. Friday nights are usually our date nights. This month, though, I've already had a date with my hubby this week (on my b-day Tuesday), and he's taking Beth out to have a driving lesson this evening. So I'm going to sew tonight!

I'll be working on the table runner I mentioned last week and sewing up a quick apron (kind of cheating on that - I'll explain later). Tomorrow I'll post pictures of what I get done so you can see my progress. Providing there is progress, that is! I've been working on that table runner all week and let's just say we've had some issues.


  1. Can't wait to see the goods!

  2. Diana ~~ Neither can I! LOL That runner . . .

  3. That sounds like such a fun idea! Friday nights are about the worst time for that for me, though. I wonder if Friday during the day would count. I do need some impetus to get some curtains made that I've had the fabric sitting around for for ages (that was an awkward sentence, but you understand).

  4. Barbara ~~ Friday nights are usually not good for me, either. It's only once a month, though, and Wes has hinted that he might be willing to work it out so I could sew on that one night! ;)


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