Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday Flashback: Prom

I've decided to join Mocha With Linda's Friday Flashbacks as a fun writing prompt and because I like to reminisce. This week's Flashback is about proms:

It's spring. And for many high schoolers, that means PROM!

Share your prom memories. Did your school have a junior prom or just a senior prom? What did you wear? Was there a party after the prom? Did you go with a date or with friends, and if it was a date, was it a one-time date or a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario? Did you go to more than one prom (like, being someone's date at another school or year.) How many proms did you go to? Where was your senior prom held? Any particular songs come to mind when you think of prom? As always, pictures are great!
 I went to very conservative Christian schools for most of my life, and instead of proms, we had Junior-Senior Banquets. My junior year, I went with Wes, who is now my husband. We had been "dating" that year, which was quite different than the way most people dated, and this was THE DATE of the year. It was held at a bank building downtown, and the theme was Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but I don't really remember much about anything else. I wore a white Gunne Sax dress - lots of lace and ruffles - and Wes wore a light blue tux. The year was 1982, which sounds like a long time ago, but really . . . it was just yesterday. Wasn't it?!

My senior year, I was in a different Christian school - the arch-rival of the school I'd attended the year before - and not dating Wes at the time. I didn't know any of the guys at that school very well, but there was a young man working with my dad who was in Bible college, and my dad asked him if he'd be interested in taking me to my banquet. He agreed, and we had a nice time. This banquet was held at the school, but I don't remember a lot from that night either. He and I dated a couple more times, but both quickly went our own ways. He married within the next year . . . and now his daughter is attending the same college as our sons, in the same year as our older son! We haven't seen him and his wife in well over 25 years, but we've heard news of them occasionally through family and friends. We thought it was quite a coincidence that our kids ended up in the same year at the same school, entirely across the continent from where we all started!

I never went to a traditional "prom," and many people may think I was horribly deprived. I'm actually glad I wasn't faced with the drinking and immorality that often goes along with dancing, not to mention that I had never danced in my life! As a result, I have no regrets, no memories tarnished with any less-than-pure actions on my part or either of my dates. I praise the Lord for godly parents and teachers who had the convictions to protect us in that way!


  1. I'm so glad you joined in this week.

    Things were much tamer in the 70s than they are now, and I don't remember drinking being an issue. But we had a great group of church kids that always hung out together, so that helped.

    I love how your dad set up your date!

  2. Quite interesting that your children ended up in the same college like that. I'm also glad that back in my time there was very rare influence of drinking and immorality. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Enjoyed your flashback. I like the idea of the banquet. A lot less pressure on the kids. Thanks for sharing.
    until next time... nel

  4. Linda ~~ It was fun, and I'm looking forward to doing more!

    Rosida ~~ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Times were much different years ago, weren't they?

    Nel ~~ I'm glad we had the banquets too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  5. Our school had banquets as well, and I liked them much better than the one prom I attended.

  6. I think a lot of us wore gunne sax back then! mine was in 77 and gunne sax were just getting date also had a light blue tux!

  7. Barbara ~~ I don't think I would have done well at a dance!

    Sara ~~ I still love the lace and ruffles of Gunne Sax, but I guess they're way out of style now! ;)


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