Friday, March 26, 2010

Time for a Family Update

It's been a while since I've mentioned what the kids are up to. All three are doing great!

Beth is working hard on her schoolwork, especially Chemistry. Even though she hates it. All her other subjects seem to be going fine, though. She's a junior this year, and her goal is to finish her senior year by Christmas this year so she can work the rest of the year and save for college.

 Beth and her friends at the Hockey Challenge

Last Tuesday, we went to the Old Timers' Hockey Challenge, which pits a team of hockey heroes (aka retired NHL players) against the Vancouver Police Department's hockey team. This year we took two of Beth's friends with us. When we got to the door, they were giving away some free tickets, so we called the girls and told them to bring their two younger brothers with them. The game is fun to watch - they have lots of entertainment to keep things lively - and I think the kids all had a good time. The girls gabbed for most of the game, but they made sure to look at the score before we left so they would at least know who won! ;)

Andrew . . . he is having himself a time at college! He got a job at H&R Block for tax season, but while he was working there, he was also talking with some of the folks at Lancaster Baptist Church about working in their graphic design department. About a month ago, he finally got his interview with Bro. Schmidt, and he was hired to work part-time at the church. This is the job he loves! :) He is working with the other designers producing the various brochures, leaflets, and other visual media for the church. We always knew he did good work, and it's really fun to see him working with people who will come along side him and help him do even better work. Andrew had been planning to go just this year to WCBC, but he's decided to stay there and major in Church Ministries. I looked on his Facebook page for a recent picture, but he hasn't put any on there lately, so I'll have to pass on that this time. Andrew, you need to get some new pics on that page!

Samuel is in his junior year. He's extremely excited that he just has one year to go! The big news with him is that he just bought his first car. The car he used here at home is one we got on Craigslist, and we let him take it with him his first year of college. The past two years we've kept the car at home. Sam never complained about not having a car. What he did do was start saving his money! A couple of weeks ago he called Wes to tell him about a car he'd been offered that was well within his range . . . and long story short, this picture appeared on Sam's Facebook page last night:

He calls this his sweet new ride! ;) Wes and I are proud of how he saved and waited for a good car to come along. It's not a hot rod (which is probably a good thing), but Sam loves it. We love it because it's his - his insurance, his gas, his maintenance! LOL

Wes and the men of our church left this morning for our annual Men of the Word Conference. Our church hosts this event every year for our sister fundamental Baptist churches in British Columbia. From what we hear, it's an exciting time for the guys. The place where it's held supplies the meeting rooms, beds, baths, and food, so no ladies are needed! ;) The speaker this year is Dr. LeRoy Pennell, pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Barrie, Ontario. In addition to some good preaching, the guys will play some basketball and hockey - no Canadian event with males attending is complete without hockey - and just have some good fellowship together. Please pray for their hearts to be revived and refreshed this weekend!

And that's all the news this weekend from our little corner of the world! Hope you're having a great week, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I enjoyed the update! I am glad the kids are all doing well, and all are showing good signs of maturity and responsibility.

    Hope the retreat goes well! Are you and Beth doing girl stuff? :-)

  2. Barbara ~~ Beth and I just hung out around the house last night. I had some errands in the afternoon while she finished school, so when I got home and was tired, she fixed supper for me! I could get used to that! Then we watched a movie and went to bed. Real exciting, huh?!


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