Friday, March 12, 2010

The Quilt Top

I finally have a couple of pictures of my quilt top from Randi's Road to Spring Quilt Along. I had to take some yesterday, because the one I took before was actually after I'd just started piecing it, and it was only about 8 strips wide. This is the finished top, ready to be made into a quilt sandwich and quilted - after I get some practice and work up the nerve to do it!

And speaking of quilting the top, I found the little sewing shop I mentioned yesterday and they had the darning foot I needed. I had a choice between two, a cheaper all metal one or a nice, newer one for twice the price of the first one. I wavered just a minute, then decided to take the cheaper one, since I AM just starting out. Then I thought I'd just ask if he had a walking foot for my model of machine, and he did happen to have just one. It was almost $40.00, though, so I just decided to wait till I saved more money. Then the man said the foot was a return from a lady who had decided she just didn't want it, so he could let me have it for $22.00. I checked my money, realized I had enough to get both, and came home with two feet for less than the walking foot's original price! So now I can quilt in straight lines with the walking foot or do free-motion quilting with the darning foot. I was pretty excited to get those good deals today!

I really like this pattern. I want to do another one with denim squares and colorful, country cotton bars, back it with a sheet and piece the back with an extra strip from the top. Really, if you're at all interested in doing a simple quilt, this one is very easy to piece (I can't speak for the quilting yet!) - if you can sew a straight seam and line up the seams for the blocks, you can do this!


  1. Susan!
    I love your quilt top! It is gorgeous! My Mom and I have looked at this pattern before and would like to try it. Was it easy?
    I can't wait to hopeufully have some quilting time tonight, it sure is addictive!

  2. Wow Susan, the top turned out very nice! My 23 year old son has been wanting me to make him a denim quilt-I laugh, I've never made a quilt! But looking at yours sure makes me want to try! It would be a nice Christmas present for him.

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. Susan!!! Your quilt is wonderful!! You did great!! Don't you think it's so much like my fabric? Blues and browns? What a great deal to get those feet at such a good price! I'm glad you were able to! Can't wait to see it all quilted and bound.

  4. That is great how God blesses us in "little" ways like that! Happy quilting!

  5. Hi Susan,
    Like the quilt.... and so happy that the Lord provides even the little things for His children!

    It was good to hear from you over at Canadian Chronicles, and we have already filled out the permanent residence paperwork a few weeks ago, before we realized that the childrens passports were about to expire:) My husband spent days on the phone and at the kitchen table. Thank the Lord it's done. We were going to send it in, until the situation in Haiti. The government then told us that process times are doubled... so in the mean time, we have to renew our work permit. All the paperwork we have done in the last month.... 3 passports, report birth abroad, ss number for baby, work permit extension, and the permanent residence... it's enough to make your head spin... or your husbands head:0) I'm stickin' to the school paperwork:)

  6. I LOVE IT!!!!! My sewing room is packed up but you are making me itch to get going on a quilt. You will enjoy your new sewing feet. I knew I shouldn't have looked at this post..... really, really , really want to work on a quilt. I'm having withdrawals! LOL

    Good Job Susan.

  7. Very pretty!

    Stop on over....I have an award for you!

  8. Thanks for all your sweet comments, ladies! They encourage me a lot, and I appreciate them. I'll try to answer each of you, especially if you asked a question.

    Kami ~~ Yes, it's easy! If you want to try it, follow the link in my post to the quilt-along. Randi has complete instructions there.

    Robin ~~ I'm thinking about making each of my boys one of these quilts, in guy colors and fabrics, of course. I totally believe you could do this, and wouldn't he be surprised!

    Deb ~~ I did realize how much alike our quilts are when I saw yours. I promise I didn't copy you! LOL

    Julia ~~ I do love how the Lord blesses us even in the little things. A couple of machine feet can't be all that important in the grand scheme of things, but He loves me!

    Kristi ~~ I can just imagine how frustrating it is to have all that work done and now have to wait. Is there a reason you don't go ahead and send it in, so it's at least in the system, even though it will be slow? Wes has me doing all of our papers, but right now I'm stuck on his papers, because of all the details of his military service; I have no idea how to find all that info.

    Debbie ~~ I just can't wait to see your new home! I'm sure you'll be back to quilting as soon as possible after moving in. Keep dreaming up those projects! :)

    Thanks, Diana!

    ACH ~~ Thank you so much for the award! I've been over to your blog, and I will try to respond to that this week.

  9. Love the quilt and country style.


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