Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Think I Figured It Out

The problem of my top thread not catching the bottom thread has been solved . . . I think. I changed the needle! When I took off the old needle, the poor thing looked like it had been through the wringer. Not only was it dull, but it was also bent and dinged in several places! I have no idea how it got so bent out of shape, but as soon as I put the new needle in, it stitched just fine.

Now my actual free-motion quilting is another story. It's bad. Pitiful. Sad.


  1. I'm glad you figured it out; those kinds of things can be so frustrating! I would have given you some advice but I didn't have any idea what you should do. But now that you mentioned your solution you reminded me of something. I bought a book on sewing machine repair (thinking I could fix my own) and it said that, by far, the most common "problem" when people bring in a machine to be fixed is simply that the needle needs to be changed. I guess that's a good place to start any time you're having trouble! It's definitely a cheap fix :o)

  2. Susan, I'm sure it's not as bad as you think, and it will improve with practice! My first attempts weren't all that great either. I'm still not wonderful at it, but it's getting better.

    Thanks for blogging about your quilt adventures. It's motivating me to get moving on my boys' quilts for Christmas.

  3. Pam ~~ I'm gradually learning little things like this along the way, and it does seem that the first thing you should check when there's a problem is the needle.

    Melody ~~ It's pretty bad! LOL I will not be posting pictures of my first attempts, but I'm sure as I practice it will get better. Can't wait to see your boys' quilts!

  4. Glad you're investigating lead to the answer! Good job! Don't give up on the other - you are very good at creating things so you will get it.

  5. Tammy ~~ Thanks for the vote of confidence! I will persevere!

  6. I should try that on mine! I noticed the last time I used it that it wasn't sewing very well. It also probably needs to be taken apart and oiled again. Time to get the book out.

  7. Sharon ~~ I know mine could definitely use a good cleaning too. I keep thinking "I'll get to that later" and later never comes! ;)


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