Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Made It: Knitting Edition

I Made It Blog Party

I told Wes the other day that I must have Crafter's ADD. I'm interested in SO many things and want to try them all, but right now I've narrowed my crafting experiences down to quilting, cross-stitch, papercrafting, and knitting. That's not so many things, is it?

I just began knitting about 6 weeks ago, when an elderly friend was in the hospital and I was going by to visit her several days a week. I found out that she knits like nobody's business (she makes all her socks and sweaters, and used to make all her husband's and children's socks and sweaters too), so she agreed to teach me - although I think she rethought that decision a few times - and after an intense couple of weeks of practice in every spare moment, I declared myself ready to make something real. So I chose a pattern for a dishcloth from a book I got years ago for the crocheted dishcloths (yes, I crochet too, but not too much in recent years). I brought an extra set of needles and a skein of yard to the hospital, and M. and I set off making our twin dishcloths. She seemed to enjoy it, although the medications she was taking made her mind a bit cloudy, which frustrated this expert knitter to no end. I can't blame her. Knitting is second nature to her, and here she couldn't remember if she was knitting a row or binding it off.

Long story short, I finished my dishcloth in about 6 days. I love the raised pattern on the front! I only messed up in a few places, but I learned how to un-knit (tink?) and to make sure I always have the right amount of stitches after each row. This one turned out huge - which it is supposed to - but I think the next one I make, I'll try leaving off a few rows to make it a more manageable size.

Stop by and see what others have made this week - or add your own to the list - at EverythingEtsy's Blog Party!


  1. Great job...I so want to learn to knit and crochet and tat and....LOL!!!

    That was so sweet to go and sit with someone..and look at the reward you received.


  2. Very pretty, Susan! Since it is 100% cotton, it will probably shrink a little when you wash and dry it, so it may just be the perfect size after all!

    Have fun knitting! I am of the opinion that you can never have too many hobbies/skills! :-) After I learned to knit well, it has become very relaxing for me. Sewing, on the other hand, is not a relaxing hobby. Up and down from the machine, etc. I can sit in one spot and knit for hours. :-) Plus it is very portable!

  3. That's great! I try all kinds of crafts, too!

    I want to learn how to knit and I think you did a beautiful job!

    Thanks for joining the party with your post!


  4. Very pretty! I have tried knitting and just can not get it despite a great teacher. When you get time try some washcloths. Sydney made me some and they feel so good on my face!

  5. Love it, Susan!

  6. Diana ~~ Thanks so much! I enjoyed making it.

    Regi ~~ So many projects; so little time! LOL

    Tammy ~~ I'm hoping it will shrink a little. I'm still waiting for knitting to be relaxing. Right now I still have to concentrate on each stitch.

    Kim ~~ I've wanted to join in the past couple of weeks, but I'm so bad at actually finishing projects - this was first finish in a while. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

    Margaret ~~ I saw a couple of washcloth patterns at that looked pretty easy. I'll be trying those!

    Thanks, Deb!!! Have you done any knitting lately, or are you concentrating on quilting for now?


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