Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Made It: Cards and Tags

This week I've been working in my newly-organized (sort of) craft area. At last my cardmaking area is organized enough that it's easy to work in, and I am enjoying it so much! What I love most is having those boxes for my cardstock and paper scraps - absolutely fantastic - so easy to clean up!
So I've been making some cards and one tag set. All of these are either already in my shop or will be there soon. Thanks for stopping by to take a look! Stop by Everything Etsy to see - or add to - links to others' handmade items this week.


  1. I love that top one especially.

    I should probably do that with scraps. I have all my papers sorted by color in a file, but the scraps are hard to get to.

  2. These are super cute!

  3. Barbara ~~ These are perfect for scraps! In fact, that's what I used for mine, right out of my handy-dandy scrap box! ;)

    Jingle ~~ Thanks! Glad you stopped by.

  4. Susan, those are beautiful! I just love the cards you make.

  5. These are beautiful cards!

  6. Cute card and love the bird tags!

  7. Beautiful cards, and the little bird tags are so sweet! :)

    Thanks for linking to the party! It's always so nice stopping by your blog!


  8. Melody ~~ Thanks for the sweet compliment!

    Deanna ~~ Thanks! I loved the one you had on your blog today - gorgeous!

    Debbie ~~ Thank you for stopping by - and thanks for the compliments!

    Kim ~~ Thanks for taking a minute to stop by, after having all those other links to visit. I appreciate it!

  9. Hello, my name is Ron and I am a
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  10. Your cards are very pretty...

  11. Ron ~~ Thanks for stopping by. I don't recall if you've been here before, but your name does look familiar.

    JD ~~ Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to leave a comment!

  12. Lovely cards and tags. Thats it will have to sort out my craft area now , it must be something in the spring air.

  13. Clare ~~ Thank you for stopping by and commenting! A new season always makes me want to craft, too! ;)


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