Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Motion Quilting???

Does anyone know what to do if you're trying to do some free-motion quilting and the top thread won't catch the bobbin thread? I think I have everything set right, and it works right without the fabric under the foot, but once I put the quilt under the foot, it quits catching the bobbin thread. Help!


  1. Hmmmm, it sounds like a tension issue. Do you have your machine manual? I would check that and see what it says to do with the tension when you raise/cover your feed dogs.

  2. Hi Susan..I do my own free motion quilting...did you bring up the bobbin thread/ Some have told me that we should do this...then start your sewing. Otherwise..yes check your manual. I'll have to check my recourses...as I found an online you tube tute that is great to watch and learn.

    Depends too on your type machine..and make sure feed dog is DOWN....I want to purchase a SLIDER and the bobbin washers..they say makes all the difference in the world in the ability to free motion..

    Best to you...

  3. I checked the machine manual and it said nothing about the tension for darning. But then, the only thing it says about darning (nothing about free motion embroidery!) is to cover the feed dogs and move the fabric back and forth.

    HOPE ~~ I had the feed dogs covered - my machine doesn't drop them, but came with a cover for them. I think I just needed to change the needle. As soon as I did that, it started stitching. What is the slider? I've seen that mentioned on someone's blog, and I just hate to think I have to spend more money!


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