Friday, February 19, 2010

My Husband is a Little Loopy . . . and Other Things

Good morning! This week has been a whirlwind. We took a family day Monday and went exploring in the country. I found an antique shop - really more like a junk shop! - where the lady invited me back to choose mismatched teacups and saucers to use for our church ladies' events, for a donation. She had tons of them, so I'm going to take her up on her offer. There's just something about mismatched china that is appealing and charming to me! I'll show them to you when I get them. She did have a matched set that we asked about, but she wanted $200 for it - a bit out of our price range!

On Tuesday, Beth and Wes went out with the Olympic Bible Project to distribute Bibles. Wes brought one group back here to North Vancouver. They both had an enjoyable time, even with getting kicked out of a couple of places. They did well at Lonsdale Quay, which is where the SeaBus docks every 15 minutes, so there were lots of people coming and going there, and many people were receptive to the Bibles being given to them. Then the group went to a local mall, where the management asked them to leave. Same with one of our local attractions, the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The man there was very nice, but said he had to ask them to leave, as they were disturbing some of their customers. You know how that goes. So . . . the Word was given out all over Vancouver; continue to pray for those who hear and read! We're pleased to hear that several people have made professions of faith this week!

While Beth and Wes were working on the Bible Project, I went and made some visits. I went to see our elderly friend who's been in the hospital for a month. She and I are still knitting together; in fact, I just finished my first project, a cotton dishcloth, which I'll be showing you soon. When I got to her room on Tuesday, she was busy . . . getting ready to go home! She was released on Wednesday morning. She is on some strong painkillers, but we hope she'll be able to come off of those sometime soon. The important thing to her is that she's back in her own house taking care of her own affairs. She was so worried about her bills and her yard and things like that, and now she can preside over her home again. After visiting with Maureen, I went across town to see another elderly lady whose family has been bringing her to church recently. She is such a sweet little lady, and I'm glad to have a chance to go see her. We're thinking about starting a church service in her nursing home once a month or so (she insists we do it twice a month!). So Tuesday was a busy day as well.

Wednesday was a normal day, but Thursday was not. My husband went to bed with a toothache on Wednesday night. By Thursday morning, the pain was raging. He was able to get an emergency appointment in the morning. Turns out he has an abcessed tooth. The dentist sent him to an oral surgeon . . . because the tooth involved has its roots wrapped around a nerve! That just makes me cringe! The oral surgeon took one look and said, "That tooth has had all the dentistry it can handle!" and made arrangements to pull it. The bad thing is that he didn't have an opening till Monday morning! So he gave Wes a prescription for antibiotics and a strong pain reliever. The thing is . . . painkillers make Wes a little loopy. He stays awake (for the most part), but my normally quiet man gets a little chatty and says what he's actually thinking. My normally stone-faced man starts to giggle. My always sweet, loving husband gets a little more flirty than usual. Oh, it's been fun around here for the past 18 hours or so! LOL And the entire weekend promises to be just as fun! He's already made arrangements for someone else to take care of Sunday's services, because if he doesn't take the meds, he is in excruciating pain . . . but he won't be thinking clearly enough to preach while he's on the meds. Please do pray for him this weekend, seriously. He IS in a lot of pain, and you know how long the days are when you hurt.

So that's the news from the Hutchens family this week. Now I'm going to get ready to go grocery shopping and go to a quilt shop. I found one in North Vancouver! I hope you each have a great weekend! Next week I'll give updates on the quilt-along and the organizing challenge I'm participating in.


  1. I'm glad to hear your Bible distribution has gone well!

    Your description of Wes on painmeds made me laugh. I do hope he feels fine through this weekend though, and that his pain will diminish once the tooth is pulled!

  2. Hi Susan, thank you for coming by my blog and saying hello. I hope Wes is doing better soon. I enjoyed reading your latest post. God bless you, Tobitha

  3. Sound quite busy around there. You will never know what response will come from all the work.
    Hope you husband gets his tooth "tennded to soon. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless your efforts there in Vancouver.

  4. husband is similar on pain medication. Those meds might have made for some interesting preaching! I hope the pain relief helps him get through the weekend.

  5. I'm sorry I can't read your post because spending too much time on the computer bothers my back. But I wanted to pop by and tell you that I'll be praying for your poor husband. I'm sorry he's in so much pain and I hope he's feeling better soon.


  6. Hi Susan.. thank you for visiting my blog and participating in my BLOG CANDY!! YOU WON!! Please email me.. I have sent you an email, I hope I got the right one. Connie ---

  7. Poor guy -- I saw on FB he's feeling nauseous now. Wish they could have gotten him in sooner. I'm glad he has someone to preach on Sunday.

    Glad the Bible distribution is going well and you found a great source for teacups!

  8. Busy, Busy, Busy!!! Sunshine is supposed to be back tomorrow-Did you guys have major tree pollen issues up there? Our tree pollen count is off the charts for people with allergies here. I was happy for the rain-My husband and son are really suffering through it.

    Hope your husband is doing better!



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