Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Time!

After years of planning, the day is finally here: the 2010 Winter Olympics will begin in just about four hours from now! It's pretty exciting here in Vancouver. The opening ceremony will start at 6:00 tonight, Pacific time.

On Wednesday, Beth and I got to step outside and see the Olympic Torch as it passed through our little corner of North Vancouver. There weren't many people gathered at our particular street, as it's near the entrance to the freeway; however, the crowds were gathered just a few blocks away, where there's a large park and the main roads leading to the center of town. We took a lot of pictures, a few of which I'll share with you here:

Our first glimpse of the flame!




You're welcome to see all of our pictures on my Facebook page: 2010 Olympic Flame Relay  

A lot of people have asked if we'll be attending any of the events. The short answer is . . . NO! The tickets were limited and very expensive. We'll be watching on TV, just like everyone else. One of the neatest parts of living where the Olympics are being held is recognizing a lot of the places I'm seeing on the news! We live from 15 minutes to 2 hours away from all the venues. The snowboarding venue is on one of our North Shore mountains, which are the mountains you can see to the north of downtown Vancouver, across the harbor. We live at the foot of those mountains . . . and yes, it really is that beautiful here! ;) 

Our church is partnering with several of our sister churches in the Vancouver area to distribute thousands of John & Romans with inserts containing information about our churches. There is also a Gospel message on the back capitalizing on the theme of "Believe." That's been the buzzword here in Vancouver - believe we'll win the gold medals! Everywhere we look is the word Believe. But we want people to take a moment to think about what or whom they believe in! Great Vancouver Baptist Church is heading this outreach; here's a video greeting from Pastor Gordon Conner . . . 

Pastor Olympic Message from Greater Vancouver Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Please pray for our efforts in the next two weeks! God has promised that His Word will not return void, and 100,000 copies of it are going into the hands of people from all over the world in the next 16 days. We're excited about reaching the world as the world comes to our city!


  1. Great pictures! It was exciting to be there at the relay. The kids loved it but Hope had no idea what was going on. She was asking me "are they coming?" after the runner passed us.

  2. When I was a lot younger my Dad went to the Olympics at Lake Placid, NY to hand out literature and be a witness. He enjoyed that so much. Who knows, maybe when he arrived in Heaven he met someone who found the Lord through those efforts. The work is the Lord's the blessing is ours.

    So exciting!!!

    Becky K.

  3. Susan ~ Oooh, how exciting to think that God's Word is getting out to so many...and what a word to pick as their theme: Believe! I hope that word will mean even more to a lot of people when the Olympics are over! I'll be praying these next 2 weeks especially for that.

  4. Susan, what an opportunity to be part of the message BELIEVE getting out. You never know what one little tract can do. God bless you the next two weeks. Seems you will be quite busy.

  5. How exciting to have seen the Olympic torch go by so closely -- and even more exciting to have the oportunity to give out the Word to so many!

    We lived 25 min. outside of Atlanta when the Olympics were there and did not attend for the same reason -- too expensive, and the traffic would have been even more of a nightmare than usual.

    I enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies last night and seeing and learning more about Vancouver in particular and Canada in general.

  6. How exciting to see the torch go by! And how wonderful that the word of God will be given out.--That's even better! (o:

  7. I was thinking about you last night when we were watching the Olympic opening and wondered if it was expensive to get tickets to some of the venues. You answered my question! LOL! You'll have a better seat and view at home. :)

    That's exciting you saw the torch go by!

    Praying that God's Word will reach many!

  8. How exciting! I was wondering if you were near the Olympics, just today. Great pictures.

  9. Great idea for witnessing tools! How exciting! I'll pray for souls to be saved and lives changed.


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