Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Challenge

It's February already! This seems to be the month for challenges and quilt-alongs and whatever else people can do together in cyberspace! I've been following I'm An Organizing Junkie for a couple of years now (she's the originator of Menu Plan Monday), and have watched with interest and apprehension as she's led 28-Day Challenges to organize various rooms/spaces in our homes. She's just introduced another 28-Day Organizing Challenge, and I'm going to take a deep breath, close my eyes, and jump in on this one. This month I'm going to organize the little corner in my husband's study known as my papercrafting corner.

When our second son, Andrew, left for college in September, my husband and I turned our boys' room into a combination study and craft studio. Now Wes is not a hugely organized guy, but he does like to go in every now and then and clean things up. So he got his office area organized to his liking early on . . . like the second week of September. But me? No, I was determined to do it gradually and really get my craft area like I wanted it. Only problem was, I never got started on it. I moved in my papers and stamps, filled a couple of drawers of an old nightstand with various things, and kept on creating. My Etsy business picked up for a while in the fall, and I was too busy to do more than swipe at my desk between projects. Then our camera died. You can't do much business online without a good camera, so I took a break from all things Etsy, which meant I didn't step into my craft area except to iron something (my ironing board was also "temporarily" set up in our office/studio, adding to the disorganization even more!). Then a couple of weeks ago I got a few orders from my shop and had to go in there to actually make some things. I had to get them made quickly and out the door, so I just plowed right through my supplies, knowing exactly what I needed to make each item . . . then I left it all where I put it down. Then I bought some new supplies and played with them a little . . . and left them where I put them down. I don't even have all my supplies in there yet! And now it looks like this:

It's bad, I know. It gets like this when I don't pay attention, put things away as I use them, or get in a hurry. Some things have no permanent home, while others have a place to live, but it's not convenient to put them away or find them again. I have a nightstand at my disposal, and you can see the stacked drawers I have to the right of my desk. There's a closet there, too, but it contains a lot of our boys' stuff they left here when they moved to college (which my husband threatens to just toss out, by the way!). Maybe I should include that closet in the challenge too. So that's my little area to organize this month.

There are lots of prizes up for grabs in this challenge, but my goal is to simply get my space organized. We hope to downsize our home in the near future, so this is also to help me get my crafting supplies of all kinds (cross-stitch, sewing, crochet, and knitting included) weeded out, destashed, and organized so that, if and when we do move to a smaller space, I can just pick out a little corner and move my things right in with no hassle. And take a load off my husband's mind too. Bless his heart, he puts up with a lot with my constant piddling in crafts coupled with my lack of the organizing gene! I try to make up for it with lots of good cooking and a smooch every now and then, though! ;)

So here I go! Twenty-eight days to organize my craft corner!


  1. Are you sure 28 days is enough time? LOL!! I'm just kidding, just having a little fun, Susan! :) My scrapbook/sewing area actually looks much more disorganized! But...when you're working...you're working, right? And I'm blessed with a ping pong table to spread out on and not have to put it all away. My husband is the organized one. How he puts up with my mess is beyond me! :) I wish you the very best this next month and hope you get organized just the way that's best for you!

  2. Hope to see the finished product! It's a lot, but I have faith you'll get it done and feel oh so proud! I'm also planning on participating in this challenge!

  3. Just can't wait to see the results!! Good luck as you move forward. Come over and read about the ant.

  4. I'll be looking forward to seeing the results! I was organizing some of my things when my son's room became available, but I pretty much stopped during a busy spell before Christmastime and haven't gotten back to it. It's especially easy now that I do have a room for it to just set things in there and walk out without putting them away.

  5. Good luck with organizing your craft corner. I've seen so many interesting and creative ways to organize a craft area that I'm sure yours will be fabulous when you're finished. I can't wait to see it.

  6. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Take out that mirror cabinet door and I bet it will look much cleaner!

  7. Good luck! It can be such a challenge to keep a craft/sewing area clean and organized. Mine is organized but pretty messy right now. I have clipped thread all over the place.

  8. My mom is the queen of filers, well,since I missed that gene, I'm the queen of pilers. Right now,as missionaries on deputation, our home is four suitcases, a rubber-made bin, a display board, a booster seat, two car seats, three kids, and a minivan. You'd think less would be easier to organize,but noooo! Good luck in getting your corner organized, you have my sympathies. LOL

  9. You'll do great at this. I can tell. Good luck!


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