Thursday, February 04, 2010

Another Shopping Day

Beth and I had another shopping day yesterday. Can you believe it's already been a month since we last went shopping? I know everybody says it, but time. is. flying. I've never known the days to pass as quickly as they have in the past year.

We didn't have too many adventures yesterday. Unless you call getting half of a $20 bill in the bank ATM withdrawal an adventure. Yes, folks, these things only happen to me! It was an easy fix: I stepped into the bank as soon as I got my money and told the teller what happened. She gave me a whole $20 and I was on my way again. But really. Half a $20 bill?!

One of the variables in our trips into the US is always the border - the length of the wait and what kind of guard we'll get (happy, grumpy, lots of questions or not too many). We should probably write down all the questions and adventures we have with border guards! As a general rule, the American guys (the ones going into the States) are tougher to please the the Canadians (those coming back into Canada). With the 2010 Winter Olympics beginning next Friday, I wasn't sure what our experience would be this week. Everything is looking spiffy at the border crossings, that's for sure. Lots of nice computerized signs reminding you to have all your identification ready and welcoming you to the United States, with Old Glory flying in the background - very nice. Our American guard yesterday seemed to be anxious to welcome us home, as if we'd been longing to get back to the US after spending 5 years in the raging Canadian wilderness of North Vancouver. So he asked if we were bringing anything home. That was a question I'd not been asked going into the States before; we're not usually asked by the Americans what we'll be bringing back into Canada! But you always answer, briefly and specifically, so I said, "We'll be bringing back groceries." He paused just a moment, then said, "Let me rephrase that. Are you bringing anything into the United States this morning?" Oh! That made more sense! We've been asked that one lots of times. The answer was no. He handed me our passports and said, "Welcome Home!" I know it's a nice gesture, but really, . . . Canada is home now! ;)

Speaking of the Olympics, I just found out that the Olympic torch will be passing within steps of our house next Wednesday as it tours North Vancouver! We'll be able to step outside and walk over to the sidewalk on the major route through our part of town and see the torch as it passes by. I'm pretty excited about that! I'm hoping to get some video, but I'll be sure to get at least some pictures. Sam is pretty jealous! LOL He loves all things sports and has always been very excited about the Olympics coming to Vancouver. But he's away at college and can't come - believe me, he tried to find a way! So to have the torch pass right by our house and not be here in person to see it is terrible. Hence the videos and pictures. For my boy. And you thought I was doing it to share with you, didn't you?! ;)

I'll share more about the Olympics coming to town within the next week. Opening ceremonies are next Friday!

Right now is a good time to catch sales at the malls, it seems. Beth and I found some new skirts and sweaters yesterday. I got a nice black corduroy skirt for $13 (so soft, not stiff at all!), and two sweaters for less than $20.00, all at Kohl's. My receipt says I saved $92.00! I usually don't like Kohl's all that much, but yesterday was my day there! These clothes actually fit well. Here lately, I've been having trouble finding things that fit, especially skirts. Do all skirt have to ride your hips now??? I hate that!

One more adventure. It didn't happen till last night, though. I was so tired from our trip that I went to bed at 9:00. At midnight, I heard Wes's cell phone chirp, and he got up to see who had left a message (being a pastor, you have to check those midnight calls!). It was my phone! Obviously I hadn't called him, as I was sleeping soundly, up to that point, right next to him. We thought it was odd that his phone said it had received a call from my number, and as we talked, I began to retrace our steps yesterday to make sure I hadn't left my phone somewhere and someone was using it. I tried to go back to sleep, but I knew it was going to drive me crazy not knowing, so I went downstairs and dug my phone out of my purse. Sure enough, it showed that I had made a call to Wes at 12:00 a.m. Now that's odd. It's never happened before, and for it to happen at exactly midnight was funny. The total mystery was not solved, but at least I could go back to sleep, knowing that my phone wasn't missing and no one was using it to call us in the middle of the night. Wes had a wild thought in his sleepy stupor: someone had my phone, was in our house, and was calling his phone to lure us downstairs to kill us. Maybe a little too many crime shows?! ;) Anything seems possible when you're wakened out of a sound sleep!

I really need to come up with something besides our craziness to post, don't I? I do hope you can tell through my posts that, although we're a pastor's family and ministry is our life, we do have our ups and downs - and adventures - just like every family. Pastors and their wives don't wear capes and tights (Wes is glad for that!), and we aren't living on a higher plain than everyone else (if we get to thinking we do, that "plane" usually crashes!). Have a great week, and I promise to write more than just fluff in the coming days! :)


  1. I guess a half a $20 would be $10 but I don't think you could use it! :-) Sounds like you had a good shopping trip! I like Kohl's ok. Depending on what store I go to they have a pretty nice-sized petite section.

  2. I like hearing about the craziness. :-)

    That is odd about the phone. I've forgotten whether you have any pets -- if, so, could one of them have jostled it somehow?

    How exciting that the Olympic torch is coming so close -- and how sad your boys will miss it! Hope you get some good photos and video.


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