Thursday, January 07, 2010

Shopping Till We Dropped

Beth and I went down to Washington Wednesday and did our once-a-month shopping. It was a beautiful day for driving; the sun was in and out of scattered clouds, so there was no rain. It's so much more relaxing to drive on a dry road than a wet one! Beth said we should write a book about our driving adventures, because . . . well, when I'm driving, we usually manage to have them. Yesterday was no exception! I can't disappoint a girl who's expecting adventure, now can I?

I learned several things on our trip:
  • If you forget to stop at the bank, you can usually find one near a mall . . . if you drive far enough past the mall.
  • If your dollar store starts charging $1.25 per item, you will visit every Dollar Tree along the I-5 corridor to find out which one is the best.
  • If your daughter needs to return a dress and the only store is 30 miles farther than you need to go, you'll gladly drive her down there . . . because you want to shop at the outlet mall too. And you'll find a great deal on books at the Christian bookstore! ;)
  • If you're hungry, you'll drive 8 miles out of the way for lunch because you're not sure the exit where you'll be shopping has a Burger King.
  • If you drive 8 miles out of the way, you'll find a Burger King at the exit you were shopping at after all. Plus an Arby's. This is guaranteed.
  • If your daughter's eyesight seems bad reading the drive-thru menu, it will greatly improve in the next parking lot you drive into when she sees a $5.00 bill blowing in the wind. She will clearly see that "5"  in the corner of the bill and scream for you to stop so she can go catch it. 
  • If your daughter sees money blowing in the wind, you will realize that you didn't know she could move that fast.
  • If your daughter is chasing a $5.00 bill, you will sit smack-dab in the middle of the drive while the guy coming out of the store walks slowly past, obviously wondering what's wrong with your daughter. Then as you park, you will find he is in the car next to you as you get out, and you will act like it's totally normal to chase money in parking lots.
  • If you sing the "Hot Pockets" ditty all the way through Wal-Mart, you will embarrass your daughter.
  • If you visit every Dollar Tree along the way, you will be thrilled to find that the best one is at the same exit as your Wal-Mart and Costco! Yay!
  • If you're gone long enough, your husband will text you asking where you are, and when you say "Costco" he'll want to know which one of the two that are 40 miles apart. You will sheepishly admit you are not at the one that is closest to home.
  • If you commit to spending only cash for your groceries, you will be very relieved by the total the Costco lady announces at the end of your order and happy to realize you have $4.00 left!
  • If you say hello to the gas station attendant at Costco, he will notice your Canadian tag and ask you questions like, "What did you come down here for?" Ummm . . . . shopping? This is Costco!
  • If you're amazed at your daughter's hawk eye for the $5.00 bill, you'll be even more impressed that she can see the tiny red light flashing on the tail of an airplane that you think is a very bright star on the way home . . . thereby proving that it is not a very bright star after, thank you.
  • If you are driving home near sunset, you might see the handiwork of God as He turns the lakes and snow-capped mountain peaks a glowing orange . . . and your heart might thrill over the beauty He gave you to enjoy on your way home after a long day . . . and you will tell Him, "Thank you!"


  1. Hi Susan ~ I love, love, love adventures!!! Sounds like you two had a wonderful day! I would love to have been with you! :)

  2. Sounds like quite an adventuresome outing!

  3. I loved this post!

  4. I live in Washington and I know what you are talking about when you say how beautiful the mountains/sunset are. I have the Cascades and Mt Rainier in front of my house and the Olympics behind me...I always sing Hallelujah when they aren't covered in clouds! My "Hallelujah" used to take my kids by surprise...NOT anymore!
    I loved hearing about you and your daughter's outing. Sounds like the perfect day!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Deb ~ You will have to come up and go with us sometime. If you fly into Seattle, we'll pick you up and stop all along that I-5 corridor. Do you like Dollar Tree?! ;)

    Barbara ~ It seems that Beth and I can't go out without some kind of adventure. Even just here in North Van! LOL

    Tammy ~ I thought of you as we stopped at the outlet mall. It's the same one where I met you, and it was just as cold! I realized we've only stopped at that outlet mall when it's cold. I now have a goal of going there just once when it's warm!

    Robin ~ I didn't realize you lived so close! We used to go all the way to Marysville to shop (which is where the outlet mall is too), but a new Wal Mart just opened in Burlington/Mt. Vernon, which is 30 miles closer. Our beautiful mountain to watch all the way home is Mt. Baker; it's the one that was glowing orange in the sunset. I absolutely love living in this area - so different from Texas, as you might guess. We live just north of Vancouver, BC. Come see us if you get up this way!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day to me! One I might have with my daughter - we should go together some time!

  7. Sounds like a great shopping day!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day! (o:


  9. Thank you all for your comments! This trip was pretty much the norm for us - crazy. You should come with us sometime! ;)


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