Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Homemaking Changes for the Year

It's no secret that I've been a follower of FlyLady for years. The best thing she has taught me is the value of 15 minutes: you can do anything for 15 minutes! I will never forget the relief I felt when I first understood the principle of routines - having a morning routine to get small daily tasks done and an evening routine to prepare for the next day. My morning routine is deeply ingrained in me now!

Daily jobs go well, but those weekly and monthly cleaning jobs would fall by the wayside a lot of times. For the past few years, I've tried to make FlyLady's zone system work, but just kept banging my head against the wall with it. Last year I used the Motivated Moms cleaning schedule, which is already written out for you for the entire year, but for some reason, it didn't feel right to me either. Finally, a few weeks ago I decided it was time to make a system that works for me, rather than trying to make someone else's system work.

The problem I had with the zone system was that I was focusing entirely on the one zone of the week and not touching any of the other rooms in my house - and each zone only comes around once a month! I also didn't like doing all the mopping on one day or all the dusting at one time, as per the Home Blessing day. What made more sense to me was to completely clean one whole room or zone at one time. So I took my zones and assigned them to days of the week instead of weeks of the month. It's working a lot better for me! Now I have basic cleaning in each zone every week (dusting, clearing surfaces, mopping or vacuuming), and I add in a monthly job or two to get those jobs done systematically too.

Here's my new cleaning schedule:

Monday ~ Master Bedroom & Bath
Tuesday ~ Kitchen
Wednesday ~ Office/Studio & Upstairs Hall & Landing
Thursday ~ Living Room & Dining Room
Friday ~ Powder Room, Basement Stairs, & Laundry Room (in the basement)

I have a few friends who just naturally know how and when to do their homemaking jobs - when they need to be done, of course! But I missed that gene somewhere, so I use the tool of having a written cleaning schedule to keep myself reminded of what needs to be done.

Why do I need a tool? Everyone needs tools! My uncle is a talented artist, and one time I mentioned to him that I can't draw a straight line. He replied, "Then use a ruler!" I always thought that, if I was talented at something, I could do it with no tools. But my uncle said that even he uses tools. He's a professional architectural draftsman, and he uses tools every day. When I stopped to think about it, it makes sense. He couldn't draw house plans freehand; he needs rulers and . . . whatever else an architect uses to make house plans! LOL The point is, we all need tools, and one of my tools as a professional homemaker is a cleaning schedule. If you need a tool, it's only a means to help you work better! It doesn't mean you're ignorant!

What is your cleaning schedule? Do you clean your whole house in one day? One room per day? One room per week? Share with us; I love to see how other ladies keep their homes!

Sometime soon, I'll share the calendar I'm using for my cleaning schedule!


  1. Sounds good, Susan! Flylady just doesn't work for me. I've tried several times.

    Since having my baby, I'm slowly getting back into some routines. It's taking a long while to do so! Since I was sick all 9 months of my pregnancy, there are areas of my house that haven't been touched for too long! But I'm getting at them, and slowly but surely getting into some good habits that work well with a little one!

  2. I don't really have a schedule per se. I probably should. I go more by need combined with time available. My kids do all the vacuuming, garbage-taking out, and a lot of the dusting. I was thinking that when they move out, housework is going to seriously cut into my computer time. :-D

    I like those thoughts about tools.

  3. Hi Susan ~ I don't think Flylady would like me. LOL! I clean when the need arises...like when company's coming. However, since we do have company every week, I'm not too bad after all. :) I guess I really get down and clean when someone is coming for an overnight visit..and we do have those but thankfully not weekly. I'm using January to organize lots of piles in the corners on my side of the bedroom. Flylady would shake her head, I'm sure!

  4. This is a great post, thank you for sharing! I agree, it's important to find what works for us and then do it.

    I was raised where you cleaned the whole house on one day and I've always done it that way until the last few years. I've had to change due to back troubles and it is so hard because I feel like my whole house is never clean at one time. I'm sure it's clean enough but old habits die hard! LOL

  5. My "goal" is much like yours. But since we are in a new house I haven't quit got it down. And now taking my son to Pre K in the middle of the day messes me up too. But here it is. Laundry on Sat/Sun. Master Bed- Mon (That way all the clothes get put up) Bathrooms-Tuesday, Boys room- Wednesday, Living Room- Thursday, Kitchen/dinning room- Friday. I do mop all at once because I use a steam mop and all the areas a close to each other.

  6. I use to be a fanatic about cleaning my house and ignor my husband, when I discovered this, as all humans went too far the other way. The Lord had a great solution. During the winter our double wide mobil church is just to costly to heat on Wed nights, so the pastor asked me if I would have Bible study at our home. That got me going again, and every Wed. even though it is summer now, I clean every room. Does not get that dirty during the week with just hubby and I. I just maintain during the week and do bathrooms on Mondays, and Fridays. Laundry when nice, so I can hang it out. Baking on Mondays also. It just seems to work now, and hubby still gets my attention.

  7. By the way is'nt the Fly Lady the same as the book Side Tracked Housewives from years ago. That is what I used years ago. My personality just took it too far.

  8. I'm always looking for a new and better way to do things. Fly Lady works for me sometimes, sometimes not. One thing she did teach me that works wonderfully is her swish and swipe! My toilet is always clean, never dirty, no little yucky stuff growing on the sides! Swish and swipe is the way to go. My 8 year old daughter even enjoys helping me with it. Only takes seconds! I think I will try your way this week as far as cleaning the house...will have to see if it works better for me:)


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