Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Day, 2009

Now that Christmas is 3 weeks past, I figured I'd share some pictures with you. Nothing like stretching things out, don't you think?! :)

If you haven't read about our Big Surprise on Christmas Eve, please go read that so you'll understand some of these pictures and why I was so crazy-excited about them!

I'll start with a couple of pictures of that surprise from Christmas Day - the day after the Big Surprise. This is what I saw in my living room that morning:

As far as I was concerned, this was Christmas!

Opening our gifts:

Wes opening a new pair of gloves

Me with my stack, waiting for all the gifts to be handed out

Beth is a bit puzzled to receive a Barbie dress. She had only asked for clothes, so we gave her a Visa gift card to buy them with. Wes had hidden it inside this Barbie dress. He's smart like that.

The boys' gift box was in Lancaster - where they weren't - so they got to open our two-part family gift. Andrew is opening one of our Wii fitness games . . .

and Sam is opening the other.

Wes's favorite Christmas Day activity! :)

Late on Christmas Day we had dinner with one of the families in our church. We're horrible about getting pictures of events, but I had been pretty insistent that we get some family pics while the boys were unexpectedly home. So when we got home that night, we took some pics with a tripod and timer . . .

Wes and me

The kids and me with Andrew doing his typical thing - leaning on me. It drove me crazy when he was little, but now I hope he never outgrows his love of piling on Mama!

Our oldest - I can't believe he only has 3 more semesters of college

And all of us. This was one of the best Christmases I've ever had. I'll never forget it!


  1. That is so special that you got to spend Christmas with your boys. 3 of our 5 kids couldn't make it. :( I would have been so excited like you if they showed up on my doorstep! What a blessing.
    Love all the photos!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures! I enjoyed seeing them. It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas!

  3. Robin, I know there will be many years to come when our kids (any or all of them) won't be able to come home, and I was ready to accept that this year. I'm sorry all of your children couldn't be home this year!

    Tammy, it was so good - one of our best!

  4. Hi Susan ~ I can surely understand why it was so special for you!!! We mamas can identify! I felt the same way at Thanksgiving when my son, daughter-in-law, and little Ethan came to visit unexpectedly...didn't have them at Christmas, but I just thought about the wonderful time I had when they were here a few weeks before. Thanks for giving us a post-Christmas post. :)

  5. Love the pictures, and I am so glad the boys were able to come home. That was clever about the Barbie dress and gift card!

    Funny, my youngest leans on me as well. It was fine til he got so heavy!!

  6. Deb ~ I could live with surprises like that all the time! LOL Except it might be a little rough on the emotions, up and down so much.

    Barbara ~ Andrew has always been snuggly & cuddly, from the minute he was born. Even now, when he is with me, at some point he will come over and lay his head on my shoulder - even in the middle of Wal Mart! When he did that, Sam looked at me and said, "What's wrong with him?" I said nothing but getting his dose of Mama! ;)

  7. I think you did get the best Christmas gift ever....your kiddos....them all tucked in...what could be better...I agree with you...
    The pics were great...

  8. Looks like fun! I love those jump around places! Wear them out for naptime.


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