Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Glenn and Gwendolyn Brown
70 Years
January 13, 1940 - January 13, 2010

This handsome couple are my husband's grandparents, and today is their 70th Wedding Anniversary!

I've always loved going to visit Wesley's grandparents. They live on the family farm in North Carolina, in the house Granddaddy was born in. He has never lived in any other house! Over the years they've made improvements, such as turning the back porch into a bathroom and putting a bathroom in their bedroom. I feel like I'm stepping into a more relaxed time when we go to their house, and it's easy to sit in rocking chairs and just relax.

The family home, where Granddaddy was born and has lived his entire life!

Grandmother and Granddaddy raised three daughters in this house, one of whom is now my mother-in-law. They have nine grandchildren and about ten great-grandchildren (not sure on that count!). Wes is a lot like his granddaddy, calm and quiet, just watching everyone else. He is the grandfather I never had, as both of my grandfathers died before I could remember them. Grandmother always has some cookies made, and Wes tells me it's always been that way. She had a drawer in the kitchen that always had cookies for the grandkids. I've seen those grown-up grandkids raiding that cookie drawer myself! ;)

Grandmother in the center with her middle daughter, my mother-in-law, on the left.

Granddaddy . . . watching all the action!

Join our family today in praising God for this living example of lasting marriage right before our eyes!


  1. Celebrating with you in such an awesome accomplishment. May God continue to bless the entire family!!

  2. Amazing! What a blessing!

  3. What a glorious celebration 70 years!! Love all the memories you shared....beautiful farm house too!!

    Hugs ~T

  4. 70 years how wonderful, may God continue to bless them.

  5. Wow, congratulations!

  6. SEVENTY YEARS! That is truly a blessing to see. WOW! I'll be 89 and Bruce will be 90 if the Lord allows us seventy years of marriage.



  7. What a dear, sweet couple. They sound so homey! Love that about the adults knowing where to find cookies. Happy anniversary to them.

  8. Anonymous2:44 PM

    WOW!! We have been married 37 years and that seems like quite a while! We only have 33 years before our 70th! Sue W. from MI

  9. What a blessing and such a precious, blessed legacy to be able to pass on to their children, grandchildren and greatgrands! This is awesome! They have a beautiful home also! Thanks for sharing this.
    Lisa F.

  10. Susan ~ What a treasure you and Wes enjoy with having grandparents that the Lord has blessed with such long life and an enduring marriage. That's an encouragement! Can you imagine living in the very same house that long?! The last picture of Granddaddy sitting back watching is a classic!


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