Friday, December 04, 2009

Handmade Showcase: edbdbeadz

This week I'm featuring my daughter's shop in my Handmade Showcase! You didn't think I'd leave her out, did you?! Beth owns edbdbeadz (say it fast and it sounds like ittybittybeads), showcasing her own designs featuring Swarovski beads and crystals. She started out with designs more suited to teens, but she quickly began making jewelry that is suitable for all ages. She wears her designs herself quite often, and I've been seen wearing them a time or two myself. Especially on a Sunday morning when I need something just right for church!

Here's an excerpt from Beth's Etsy profile and shop announcement . . .
I started making jewelry not too long ago simply as a hobby, but the more I made, the more I wanted to keep making it! After making a few items I was encouraged by my parents to try and sell some of it, and that is when EDBDBeadz was created! My hopes are to grow my little shop as a means of making money for college . . .

Every item in my shop is handmade with great care for both the appearance of the item and the materials used to make it. I am very picky about how each piece of jewelry looks, so you can be sure that I will not ship your purchase until it looks perfect.

Almost every evening, you can find Beth with her beads and findings on the loveseat in the living room, working away at a new design. I'm proud of her hard work and commitment to quality work, and I'm proud of her for doing what she can right now to save up for college!


  1. Anonymous5:26 AM

    What beautiful jewelry! You must be so proud of your daughter's talent and creativity! The first bracelet would be absolutely perfect for my daughter for Christmas. By chance, do you know if the pearl earrings (or any of her earrings) use sterling silver? That is all my daughter can wear and I would love to purchase the set for her.


  2. Renee, Beth can use sterling silver ear wires on any pair of earrings; it will just cost a little more than the listings in her shop that are not sterling silver. You can follow the link in my post to her shop, then scroll down on the right sidebar to the link "Contact edbdbeadz." That will put you in direct contact with her and she can answer any questions you have! Thanks!

  3. BEAUTIFUL work...she is so talented !!

  4. Beth does wonderful work, my daughter and I love the items we have from her shop!

    I think it is great she is saving for college!


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