Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December Daily: Not So Daily!

My December Daily blogging came to a screeching halt again this year a couple of days after Christmas. I do have one post scheduled for tomorrow morning (Thursday), and I should have one written for Friday (but I don't). I've been up to my knees in housework, in planning, preparing, and shopping for our Pastor's Open House, and in time-consuming personal paperwork Wes has asked me to work on. I also have some school grading to do - so many things needing attention, and most of them important! So it looks like I'm taking an unscheduled blogging break for the next few days.

Our Open House is tomorrow night. I'm pretty excited about it; I'm trying several new recipes for appetizers, and most of them are easy! I already have two of them ready. One is a dip that will just need to be put into a nice bowl, and the other is one that can be reheated slowly tomorrow afternoon. The rest of the appetizers are easy to fix during the afternoon, ready for guests to arrive at 6:00. Now, I'm a pro at planning and expecting things to go smoothly . . . and then it all falling apart about an hour before the party starts! So we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

I'm pretty excited about the new year, too. I've been making plans and goals for several areas of my life, for the first time including the ministries I'm involved in. I've been so frustrated that ladies' events have either slipped past me or sneaked up on me, and I'm not satisfied with how my Sunday school and music arrangements have been going. I decided to do something about all those things, and that something was planning - putting definite dates and plans on the calendar. I've also put my homemaking responsibilities on the calendar. As soon as I can, I want to write an entry about some of the things I'm doing - it's exciting! Are you making plans for the new year? Goals? Resolutions?

I have pictures from Christmas Day that I want to post, but I haven't had time to focus on doing that. I'll try to do that Friday or Saturday, after things slow down again.
It was great having the boys home so unexpectedly! Sam went back on Saturday, and Andrew is leaving early tomorrow morning. Wes is taking him to the airport extra early to account for the tightened security from the attempted attack on Christmas Day. He brought two carry-ons, but now he'll have to check one. The airline he's using won't charge for that checked bag, though, since the new regulations were put in place since he arrived. What a mess our world is in! I'm so glad we know Who is in control!

Well, I suppose I should wrap things up and go to bed, since tomorrow will start early. Have a great day, and Happy New Year!

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  1. I am excited to hear more! I too am doing more planning this year! I know I teach every Wed. night yet often on Wed morning I still need a coloring sheet to go with my lesson.

    I pray you have a great blogging break and enjoy your open house!


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