Tuesday, December 08, 2009

December Daily: Five Things

I see these things around the internet all the time, and I usually think how fun it would be to do them . . . then promptly forget about them! I saw this one at Stray Thoughts quite a while back, and since I needed something quick for today I thought I'd pull this one out.

1. Five landmarks I have seen.

Washington, DC

St. Louis Arch

Mt. Rushmore

The Alamo

Golden Gate Bridge

2. Five famous people with my name.

Susan B. Anthony

Susan Boyle

Susan Polis Schutz

Susan G. Komen

Susan Sarandon

3. Five foods I will not eat.


Cottage cheese


Baked eggplant

Poached eggs

4. Five things that bug me.

People smacking their lips while they eat

Parents allowing children to hit them or be disrespectful to them

Disrespect toward the elderly

Making fun of people for things they can't help

Pedestrians who assume you see them and/or will stop for them when they step out in front of you

5. Five simple pleasures.


A hot shower

A cup of coffee

Sitting by the fireplace in cold weather

Getting a letter in the mail


  1. oh these are good...and I am so with you on LIVER....yuck...and I have seen Mt. Rushmore..the St. Louis Arch too...
    I can see we have others in common as well...
    I will probably do this one too..need some more posts, ya know ;-)

  2. My first thought on #1 was, "Man, you've been around!" But I guess a lot of that was on deputation?

    I agree with your simple pleasures, things that bug you, and most of the things you won't eat.

  3. Deby, I look forward to seeing your answers. These little memes do come in handy when you're trying to post daily! LOL

    Barbara, actually all of those things have been in the normal course of our life, although we did see most of the southern half of the country on deputation! So I guess I have been around. Washington was my senior trip in high school; St. Louis and Mt. Rushmore were while we were living in SD when Wes was in the AF; The Alamo was from living in TX (spent our 10th anniversary in San Antonio!); and the Golden Gate was on the way to take Sam to college the first time.


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