Monday, December 21, 2009

December Daily: First Day of Winter

Can you believe winter is here already and Christmas is this week?! This year has absolutely flown by. Here's what's been going on in our lives recently:

Beth got her learner's permit. We haven't turned her loose in the car yet, but she can at least legally be behind the wheel. She's our last child to learn to drive, and I'm not one bit sad about it. I get so nervous when they're learning and I'm the one in the car with them! I'm always relieved when they get their regular license! British Columbia uses a graduated system for licensing, so it will be almost a year before she can get her "novice" license and able to drive alone.

I wrote my first-ever Christmas letter. Christmas letters seem to be a love it or hate it thing; either you enjoy getting them or they drive you crazy! I personally love to get them, but I also like the personal touch of a hand-written note in a Christmas card. Anyway, this year has been terribly busy, and I kept putting off addressing Christmas cards. I finally decided to write the letter and get at least a little information in there without too much hassle. And then I still hand-wrote a tiny message in the cards to personalize them! LOL I just can't help it!

We had a party in Sunday school yesterday. I made some Homemade Kettle Corn to eat and made gift bags with tangerines, apples, raisins, bite-size candy, a couple of candy canes, two coloring sheets, and a small gift. The kids loved them! We made a craft of star snowman ornaments that I bought after Christmas last year. Note: year-old self-adhesive craft pieces are mostly no longer self-adhesive. After Sunday school, the children sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, a small medley arrangement in our Patch the Pirate books this quarter. You would have thought they'd sung a cantata, the way those parents went on! It was a success, and I was very pleased with my students.

Christmas shopping. Very little has been done! For years now, we have committed to a cash-only Christmas shopping limit. This year, the cash wasn't there till the middle of the month, so we didn't shop till the middle of the month. Beth and I had fun looking for things for the boys. Saturday she went shopping with a friend and finished all she needed to do. Now Wes and I need to finish our gifts for each other and Beth. I think this is the latest we've shopped in quite a while!

I'm mailing the boys' Christmas packages this morning. We ended up putting all their gifts in one box and all the food in another. My boys will be full and happy. What more could a boy ask for? I'll be driving to WA in just a few minutes to mail them. I know the lines will be long, but I'm the most patient line-waiter in our family. At least right now I am. Someone did tell us about a tiny little post office about 10 miles from the one we usually use that "never has anyone there." We'll see if that holds true today.

That's all I can think of this morning! I hope you're having a joyous Christmas season. Ours is simpler this year, which is refreshing. I wish the same for you!


  1. I reckon I don't worry too much about riding with teens. I started driving young on the back roads and then my husband was a youth pastor for two years - those teens broke us in good! So, it was no big deal when my kids got old enough.

  2. Jesse has his learner's permit, too, but I don't drive alone with him til his dad has him pretty much ready. :-)

    I LOVE Christmas newsletters! I started them because I was writing pretty much the same abbreviated info. in each card -- so the letter saved time and enabled me to expand a little. I love reading other people's too.

  3. I love Christmas letters because you get to read much more info about them than if they just wrote a short note in the card. Although, I love those short notes too. :D

    May you and your family have a blessed Christmas, Susan!


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