Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Daily: A Christmas Survey

I saw this at Bren's blog, Pieces From Me.

About the TREE....

1.When do you put up the Christmas tree? Whenever I get the chance!
2. Real or fake? We have a fake one now.
3. Lights? What color? Our lights are clear.
4. Garland? Silver
5. Theme or no theme? Blue and silver for the past few years.
6. What kind of topper? An angel.
7. What's your favorite ornament? My latest favorite is a little Cracker Barrel replica we got a few years ago. I'm a southern gal, and Cracker Barrel is THE southern restaurant . . . which we don't have here in Canada! So it reminds me of home.
8. What does your tree skirt look like? A baby quilt! LOL My grandma made Sam a simple little quilt before he was born. I use it now as a tree skirt - sentimental value as well as using what I have. I'd love to have a real tree skirt someday, but it's never been a priority on my shopping list.
9. Where do you put your tree? In a corner of our living room.
10. Who decorates the tree? My children. This year our boys aren't able to come home for Christmas, so Beth decorated the tree.
11.What's "under" the tree? Not one single thing yet!
12. Do you put candy canes on your tree? Yes!

About the FOODS....

1. What's your favorite Christmas cookie? Chocolate Crinkles - and Beth makes the best!
2. Do you bake cookies and give them away? I used to when my husband was assistant pastor of our church in Texas. Up here, many people don't eat sweets, so I've grown away from that tradition.
3. Any "special" foods or candy that you only have at Christmas time? I make my husband's favorite Jam Thumbprints; eggnog (I make a sugar-free fake one for myself); Monkey Bread for breakfast on Christmas morning; Pumpkin Cheesecake
4. What do you eat Christmas EVE? We have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve so we can all just relax on Christmas Day. Hopefully, when our children have families of their own, this tradition will allow them to have Christmas with us a little easier! ;)
5. What do you eat on Christmas day? Monkey Bread for breakfast, then leftovers for dinner. This year we've been invited for dinner to a church family's house, so we'll have Christmas dinner all over again! :)
6. Do you like Eggnog?? Love it, but I can't have the real stuff - too much sugar.
7. Do you like candy canes? I can take them or leave them.


1. Where do you hang your stockings? We don't actually hang them. They're too long to hang without touching our gas fireplace, and I'm afraid they'll catch on fire, so we just lay them on the hearth on Christmas morning.
2. Do you put lights on your house? We hang a swag with light around our front door frame.
3. Got any outside lawn decorations? No
4. Do you put up a nativity (creche)? No
5. Do you hang mistletoe over the door? No
6. Got a wreath on your front door? No
7. How long does it take you to decorate? This year it's taken days; I'm still not finished yet.

About the movies/shows

1 . Favorite Children's Xmas TV show/cartoon? Frosty the Snowman
2. Wonderful Life/Miracle on 34th St/A Christmas Carol (Scrooge) It's a Wonderful Life
3. Favorite Christmas movie?? The Polar Express
4. Have you ever seen the Nutcracker Suite Ballet live? No
5. Ever been to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show? No
6. Ever gone to the movies on Christmas Day? No

Other Christmas things....

1. Favorite Christmas book or story? When I was a little girl first learning to read, I had the book 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. It was the first book I learned to read by myself, and it's been my favorite ever since.
2. Do you stuff your stockings with any types of food? For the fur kids? Yes - most of the stuff in the stockings is candy for the kids and my husband. We don't have any pets.
3. Do you go to church on Christmas or Christmas Eve? If either of them happen to fall on a regular church day. We have our mid-week service on Thursdays, so we were going to have a Christmas Eve service at the rec centre where we meet, but they close at 3 PM. So we'll have it at our house for whoever can come.
4. Have you ever gone Caroling? Yes, quite a few times!
5. Favorite Christmas Carol? O Holy Night
6. Do you believe in Santa? No . . . but I believed in him longer than my friends did as a child! ;)
7. Do you leave Santa cookies? No, we didn't do Santa with out children.
8. What about Rudolph? No
9. What was your best Christmas gift? The best Christmas gift I ever received was my first piano. My dad was in Bible college and my mother was sick, and we had no money. None. But somehow my Daddy found an old upright player piano with the mechanism removed and the keys redone for a price he could afford. I was thrilled as a child, but as an adult I realize and appreciate the sacrifice he made to get me a piano at that time. It had an old-timey sound and I played on it for years.
10. What was the worst/most odd gift? I can't think of any. I've always been blessed with wonderful gifts from my family and friends!
11. Do you go to a "work" Christmas party? We host a Pastor's Open House for our church family.
12. Do you hate going? No, we love doing it!
13. Do you send Christmas cards? Yes.
14. Do you make a "list"? Yes, just to make sure I get everything we need - usually the food is what I worry most about.
15. Do you check it twice? & thrice & etc Yes
16.When do you start shopping? When we have the money! ;)
17.Do you shop on Black Friday? Nope.

20. ARE YOU READY FOR CHRISTMAS? Kind of. We don't have many gifts bought yet and all the decorations aren't up yet. But I'm slowly getting "ready" on the inside. I'm honestly having a hard time not crying when I remember that our boys aren't coming home this year, but it will work out.


  1. I did this one last weekend.

    There is nothing under our tree, either, but there are things stuffed in closets waiting to be wrapped.

    That's a sweet idea for a tree skirt!

    Love the story of the piano.

    Last year was our first time not to have one home for Christmas when Jason went to visit his fiancee. It does make a mom teary!

  2. I have just done it but shortened it a bit. Great fun thankyou for sharing it,

  3. This was so fun to read Susan! I, too, loved the piano story.

    And I was surprised to hear that people in Canada don't eat many sweets.--Really?

  4. Barbara, we seem to have a lot of Christmas stuff in common! I did see your meme the other day.

    Clare, I'll have to come by and read yours too. This one was long, so I don't blame you for shortening it.

    Michele, Vancouver is very ethnically diverse, for one thing, and most cultures around the world don't seem to eat as many sweets as Americans do. Another factor is that Vancouverites are very health-conscious and just don't eat much sugar; many are vegetarians and/or only eat organic foods. That's not to say everyone is like that, but much more than we've known in the US.


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