Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Daily: Boxing Day

December 26th is celebrated here in Canada as Boxing Day. Historically, Boxing Day was the day to give gifts to those less fortunate:
The name derives from the Anglo-Saxon tradition giving seasonal gifts to less wealthy people and social inferiors. Until their distribution, these gifts were stored in a "Christmas box", which was opened on December 26, when the contents were distributed.
Now, however, Boxing Day is a day to go shopping! It's a lot like Black Friday in the US, with door-buster deals offered by the stores and wall-to-wall people grabbing at those deals. We've gone out once on Boxing Day: to get get Beth her first hamster four years ago. And that was the last time!

In our home, Boxing Day is still simply The Day After Christmas, and this year, since it falls on a Saturday, we'll be about our usual Saturday business of Wes preparing his Sunday sermons and me preparing my Sunday school lesson and music. I also like to watch Road to Avonlea on Saturday night! ;)

What do you do on Boxing Day? Are you a shopping Canadian? Are you a relaxing American? If you live in another country, what are the traditions there for Boxing Day?


  1. I did not even know today was a holiday until I came to your blog.
    I guess I am a relaxing American right now. 2 of our sons and 1 DIL were here for most of the day. I made waffles for breakfast. Then the men shoveled snow and cleared driveways. And we went out to a steakhouse for lunch.

    but no shopping - that does not appeal at all to me right now.

    I hope you and your family are enjoying your holiday.

  2. Well this girl from the UK didnt do much apart from a few household jobs.Sat down alot and relaxed.
    I have never been tempted by the sales that start boxing day. Too many people rushing around!
    My Husband is normally going through his Sunday sermons and I prepare the lunch for Sunday.
    Then a reasonable time for bed so not tired for Sunday.

  3. Hello Susan!
    Patrick and I looked over all the sale papers and found some really great deals. We were at the stores by 8:50, but...they were closed! We came back for opening time at 1 and the lines were long! We got some good deals though, and had a great time!


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