Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Surprise!!!!!!

I just had to tell about this! About 10:15 tonight our doorbell rang. I was a little leery about answering it because (1) it was late at night; and (2) I was in my pajamas! I turned on the porch light and there was one of Sam's friends. His family are good friends of ours, and my tummy sank as I saw some other people out there with him - I thought it was his parents, and here I was in my jammies. So I stood to the side and opened the door. Sam's friend stepped back . . . AND THERE WERE OUR BOYS!!!!!

A dear, kind, wonderful, thoughtful friend had arranged over 2 weeks ago for our boys to come home tonight and surprise us. Sam is home till Saturday morning; he could only get off for Christmas Day. Andrew is home for a whole week! He will go back next Thursday.

I'm shocked, but praising the Lord tonight that we'll all be together tomorrow after all. I'd been crying all afternoon - now I'm just laughing at myself. Thank you, Lord! And thank you to our friends for arranging this - we'll never forget this Christmas!


  1. I'm so happy for you and your family! That is a wonderful surprise! Merry Christmas!

  2. Susan!!! Wow!!! I'm so excited for you!!! How very special to have all your family together!!! I had wondered why the boys weren't coming for Christmas. Now what happens to all that wonderful food you mailed and their packages?!! :) I'm sure you'd rather have them there in person though!

    Well, it's Christmas morning here, and I thought I'd check your blog before heading downstairs and making the traditional sausage biscuits. I'm glad I checked. Now I can think about you smiling all day long. :)

  3. Now I'm tearing up too.
    How wonderful is that!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Merry Christmas, Susan!
    What a great gift. It must have been a hard secret to keep.

  5. Merry Christmas, I am so happy for you!

  6. That is the BEST Christmas present ever!!!!

  7. I'm just sitting here reading this squalling!!!
    What a precious surprise! What could be better!


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