Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We've enjoyed a nice Christmas Eve. First, we slept in this morning! Wes had to pick up the church banner with our new theme for the coming year, and Beth had a friend come over to watch a movie, after which Wes, Beth, and one of our church families went out to hand out candy canes and tracts one more time this year. There were lots of people out at the mall today; Beth and the two ladies with her gave out about 250 candy canes in 20 minutes!

While my family was out, I was fixing our Christmas Eve dinner. I spent a little time last night cooking too, so I wouldn't have so much to do today. I made a pumpkin cheesecake last night, and boiled the sweet potatoes for the casserole I always make - pureed sweet potatoes with a pecan praline topping. This morning I baked the cornbread for southern cornbread dressing. I also had to thaw the turkey breast (which we have instead of a whole turkey). It was supposed to be thawing for 2 days in the fridge . . . but I had somehow let that fact slip by me! ;) So I thawed it in the sink in cold water for 3 hours instead. Ingredients for fresh rolls went into the bread machine in early afternoon, and the turkey went in shortly thereafter. By the time Wes and Beth got home the house was smelling good! We ate our dinner around 4:30, then cleaned up for our Christmas Eve.

We had invited anyone from the church who wanted to to come to our house this evening for a short time of carols and testimonies, but it wasn't a regular service or anything. It turns out that everyone had a family time planned this evening! So Wes hooked up my computer to the TV and we watched the Christmas Eve service from Lancaster Baptist Church. Then we had some of that pumpkin cheesecake! It was delicious - rich and creamy and smooth, topped with real whipped cream!

Now Beth and I are watching The Shop Around the Corner. I've heard of it but have never seen it. When I saw it mentioned on another blog this week I decided to get it from the library. It stars Jimmy Stewart, one of my favorite actors. Wes opted out of the "chick flick" and is probably playing a game on his computer or something like that! ;)

I hope you're all having a wonderful, Christ-centered Christmas!

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