Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ready To Go!

My bag is packed - yes, just one - and I'm ready to fly tomorrow. Beth and I will leave early tomorrow morning to drive to Seattle, then fly from there to Los Angeles. It'll be a long day, not arriving in LA till 3:20, then driving an hour to Lancaster, having supper, and going to church. Beth has baked her brothers' favorite cookies, and I think her bags are packed too. She does have one bag to check, because so many people gave us things to take to their kids and friends down there that we didn't have room for it all! Actually, it's not that much stuff; we just needed an extra bag! ;) You know two ladies couldn't travel with just one bag each.

I'm taking my computer, and there's a Panera Bread somewhere in Lancaster. Hopefully I'll be able to log on once or twice while I'm gone.

Thursday night the college students will have a short play and program that will be live streamed. Sam and Andrew are both in the play. Sam will be James Madison and Andrew will be an anonymous signer of the Declaration of Independence. They'll be wearing powdered wigs, so you might not recognize them, but you're welcome to take a look anyway! ;) Just go to Live Streaming Video at Lancaster Baptist Church's website. It starts at 7:00 p.m., Pacific Time. The Wednesday night service is live streamed also.

We'd appreciate your prayers as we travel. Not only for safety, but for our health as well, with all the flu going around. Beth usually gets sick when we fly, so I'm dosing her up with Vitamin C and cold preventative stuff, and I'm taking some too.

Have a great week!


  1. Yes, I have prayed for save travel, good health, and for an accurate diagnosis. He will give peace!

  2. Praying for a safe trip and good health....have fun!

  3. enjoy your trip Susan....

    I posted a new sock monkey in case you wanted to see another...it is catchy and you just might want to make one!!


  4. Thank you all for your prayers! So far, we are both doing fine, and our trip was good.

    Hope, I'll be by to see your sock monkey when I get home. Limited time online today!


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