Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Like to Quilt?

If you like to quilt - or know someone who does - I have a treasure right now in my Etsy shop!

This summer, I found a box of 30 "vintage" Quilter's Newsletter Magazines. Etsy defines vintage as more than 20 years old; my son is vintage! ;) I snatched 'em right up, because I knew that (1) I would love looking through them, (2) I might even try a pattern or two out of them someday, and/or (3) I could offer them in my Etsy shop. So I listed one set of three magazines from 1987, and yesterday that set sold.

I listed two more sets today, comprising the entire year of 1988. You can follow that link to the listings, and if you're interested in buying the 27 magazines I have left . . . feel free to email me! :)

Each magazine is in excellent condition and chock full of patterns and pictures and articles - I think it's a find for someone who can use them!


  1. I'm vintage to Etsy? Not sure I like that! I love looking at craft magazines too! I hope they all sell quickly for you.

  2. Yep, 'fraid so! Even our oldest children are nearly vintage according to Etsy! I'm getting a few views on them, but it took the first set a long time to sell, so I'm waiting patiently. Or not.


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