Friday, November 20, 2009

Handmade Showcase: Hope of My Heart Designs

I'm beginning a new feature on my blog today: Handmade Showcase, in which I introduce you to a fellow crafter-from-home who is selling her creations online. And what better time to introduce this feature than right before Christmas?! I know how hard it is to get my craft noticed in the crowd of crafters selling online, so I want to give a helping hand to one lady a week who is trying to do the same. I hope you'll at least drop by their online shops and give them a word of encouragement, and when you can, buy something from them.

My first featured crafter is my blogging friend Melody of Hope of My Heart Designs. I asked Melody to tell us a bit about how and why she started her jewelry business . . .

I'm Melody, wife to Stephen, and mommy to three beautiful blessings - Samuel, Caleb, and Anna.

I started making jewelry while we were waiting to adopt our son Samuel. We'd had some fertility issues, so I made myself a bracelet that would be a reminder that I really would be a mommy some day. It wasn’t my intent to start a business, but people liked that bracelet and it pretty much just grew from there. When Samuel was old enough to talk, he started praying for a sibling. God sent us Caleb, and then Anna. Both were surprise pregnancies that we never thought would happen.

God used becoming a mommy to show me I needed Him as my personal Savior. The void in my life was finally filled! I wouldn’t trade my infertility journey for anything, because if it weren’t for that, I don’t know that I ever would have accepted Christ.

Most of the jewelry in my store is infertility or loss-related. It is an honor to make a bracelet for someone and hear later how it was an encouragement for them. It also breaks my heart to hear the stories women write me of their infertility struggles and the miscarriages and losses they’ve been through. What most of my customers don’t know about me is that my son Samuel prays for every single woman I make a bracelet for. He asks me who an order is for, and then says, “Mommy, let’s pray that God sends her a baby.” It may just be jewelry, but it is my desire that each order I send out is an encouragement to the one who receives it.

Many of the designs in the store are things I’ve made for myself. It’s so fun to just play around and see what new designs I can come up with. My favorite is the Answered Prayer mother’s bracelet though. I like it because it’s my mother’s bracelet, but also because it’s so delicate and feminine.


  1. Susan, thanks so much for posting this - it really is an honor to be featured! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Melody, very pretty jewelry and touching testimony!

    Susan, you are right about crafters standing out with their items.

  3. Melody, you are more than welcome! It was my pleasure.

    Yes, Margaret, it's hard to get noticed in the crush - that's why I'm doing these. Look for a note from me! ;)

  4. What a neat idea! I'll be looking forward to these posts. There are hardly any craft shows any more, so I have to buy most any hand-crafted items online. I love to see what others have found that I might not have come across.


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