Friday, November 27, 2009

Handmade Showcase: For His Glory Photography

This week's featured crafter is new to the Etsy world but not to the blogging world. She is Christina from Haven at Home, and I've followed her blog for quite some time now. Christina's blog posts always reflect the Lord and her joy in serving Him through serving her husband and children, so when she started an Etsy shop, For His Glory Photography, I went right over to see what she was offering. I was not disappointed!

Christina offers Scripture prints featuring photos she has taken herself. Her photos are available in ready-to-frame 5x7 and 8x10 sizes. Her shop announcement states "May the LORD have all the glory!" That's what she delivers with her Scripture prints - glory to the Lord.

Here's what Christina tells us about herself, her craft, and her shop . . .
For years I've loved the idea of having Scripture in my home, where I could be reminded of it and my family, friends, and visitors could be blessed by it. It was difficult for me to find decor that shared God's Word (especially from the KJB) but I collected what I could, when I could. A couple of years ago, when my beloved deployed to Iraq, he gave me a new digital camera as a parting gift. I already loved taking photos but new I'd love it even more with this new camera! I would carry my camera with me almost as often as I did my purse. And one day as I was looking through some of those photos I started visualizing them with Scripture on them and looked for ways to make that visualization a reality. Soon after I began printing them for our home and to send them to family members. This year, after comments from friends, encouraging words, prayer, and support from my beloved, I decided to start a shop on Etsy to share the Scripture Prints, that had already been blessing our family, to be a blessing to others. In addition to the Scripture Prints, I, also, enjoy the simplicity of how His creation displays His handiwork so I decided to share some of my Creation Prints, as well. It is my heartfelt prayer that these Prints will bless, challenge, comfort, edify, and encourage those that come across them and that they will lift up and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. It's all For His Glory!

O Give Thanks

All images are used by permission of Christina K, For His Glory Photography. The watermarks that appear in these images are to protect her copyright; these marks will not appear on your prints when you receive them!


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  2. Thanks for the reminder. Christina's photography is beautiful!

  3. Thank you, Susan, for the kind words and for sharing my shop with others. This was a blessing to me.

    ~ Christina

    P.S. Thank you, too, Melody. ;o)


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