Tuesday, November 24, 2009

December Daily: It's That Time Again!

Ilex Verticillata (Black Alder, Winterberry) Winter Branches with Red Berries, December

Last year I posted daily for the month of December and enjoyed doing it. It was fun thinking up things to write about for the month, and with the scheduled posting feature it was easy to write some things ahead of time so I wasn't pushed to write on the spur of the moment. Although that is always a possibility, because sometimes I think on the spur of the moment. Anyway, I'm thinking I'll make my December Daily this year a daily picture, and post entries like I usually do . . . which means when the mood strikes, many times!

Would you like to join me? Anyone up for posting daily in December, either entries or pictures? Come on, it'll be fun! :) There's still a week till the first of December!


  1. hmmmmm..let me think on this...picture counts right????

  2. Yep - pictures, posts doesn't matter. You can do either/or, or both. Just post something daily! I hope you decide to join me! :)

  3. Well.... with pictures counting I am going to give it a whirl!

    Right now I am lucky to post weekly, sad but true.

  4. yeppppp..going to try..and post it today...and give a link back to this post Susan

  5. Oh Susan: I am so glad I found you again. When my computer and blog and everything crashed I 'lost' your blog a few months back. I have been thinking about you wondering how you were doing! Know I continue to pray for you as missionaries and hope your Christmas season is blessed beyond measure. I found you through Deby's blog. :o)


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