Sunday, November 01, 2009

College Days

Happy November! This first week will be busy. On Wednesday, Beth and I will fly to Lancaster, CA, to attend College Days at West Coast Baptist College. She's very excited. I am . . . moderately excited. If you've been to my blog more than once, you know that our two sons are in college at West Coast, so I am most definitely excited about seeing them. What I'm not so excited about is traveling. We're flying down and renting a car in Los Angeles and driving up to Lancaster. This will be my first time to fly and rent a car without Wes, and I'm just a little nervous about getting the car and taking it back and making our plane on time. I know, when faced with the challenge, I'll be fine, because that's how I roll, as Andrew likes to say! ;)

I'm planning to take my computer with me, so I'll try to blog a bit while we're there. I'm not quite sure what the adult chaperons do while the students attend classes and have activities, so I don't know how busy/relaxed my time will be. Beth is taking her camera, so we should have plenty of pictures to post. When Wes and I were there in September, we forgot to get pictures of the boys and the other Canadian kids who are there, so I have to make up for lost time this week.

Bro. Dane Keely, a staff member at Lancaster Baptist, was here during Teen Camp this summer, and he offered his home if we ever came to Lancaster and needed a place to stay. So while we were there in September, Wes took him up on the offer and asked if I could stay at their house during College Days. He and his wife said yes, so I have the luxury of staying in a home this week! I get nervous staying in others' homes, but I have decided to look for ways to be a blessing to them rather than worrying about being nervous. One sure way to keep from focusing on yourself is to focus on others!

We'll return home on Saturday night to a most likely hungry and lonely husband. At least, I hope he misses us and my cooking! I think we'll get in bed pretty early to be ready for Sunday.

Those are my plans for the week. I hope your week is a good one, too!


  1. Have a great trip!

  2. I would be nervous, too, even knowing that one way or the other everything will work out. I hope things go smoothly for you and hope you have a great week.


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