Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Table Runner

My friend Deb, at Mountain Musings, keeps on posting things about quilting that make me drool. This pumpkin table runner is one of those things. I don't even know how to quilt, but I had to go check out the tutorial to make this . . . because the creator, Judi at Green Fairy Quilts, is giving away one of her pumpkin table runners! And I can definitely comment on a blog to win a table runner, even if I can't quilt it! :) So if you like this runner as much as I do, go over and check out how you could win it.


  1. I DO Quilt...and have yet to make myself a tablerunner (have for my girls)...I can appreciate the time involved..choosing a pattern, the right fabric and colors and then doing it yourself!!

    I hope you win Susan!!


  2. Love that tablerunner!!

    Come over and share a dessert with us!

  3. That is so cute! It totally wouldn't go in my pink kitchen, but it is cute. :-) Hope you win!

  4. That table runner is beautiful! Thanks for linking to her site too. Seeing all her quilting posts could make for some interesting reading during those late-night feedings! :O)

  5. wow that´s cool! I will go and check out the giveaway. I could use some fall decor.

  6. Hi Susan ~ thanks for the link! Maybe you'll win!! Don't you wish we had all the time in the world to do fun crafting stuff?! Or learn how to do new stuff? I'd love to make this table runner, but I have a quilt to make for Christmas...for a certain little punkin!

  7. Oh this is lovely. I have never quilted in my life but I so admire anyone who can do it. Such lovely handiwork. Bless you~

  8. That is so funny you posted this. I just now cut out a table runner to make for my sister for fall. It seems very difficult and this pattern looks like it may be easy..too bad, I should've waited! Can't wait to go and check out her blog!

  9. Oh that is super cute!


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