Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're Home!

Just a quick note to say we're home from our cruise! We had a wonderful time. We visited Victoria, BC; Astoria, OR; San Francisco, CA; and ended in Los Angeles. We also spent two full days at sea without going into any ports. Each day we just took our time and relaxed - it was so nice to rest and enjoy each other. We even struck out on our own and went to a ball game on Thursday! We were in San Francisco that day, and we've already seen the city. We found out that the Texas Rangers were playing the Oakland A's in a day game, so we hopped on their transit, watched the game, and got back to the ship with about 3 hours to spare. We had so much fun doing that, even though Texas choked and lost the game big time! ;) Each afternoon we napped or read - or both - and each evening we had a delicious dinner on board the ship. We went to a few shows in the evening, but a lot of those were things we weren't interested in, so we'd get a latte from the coffee shop and stroll around the ship or sit and watch the people.

Our cruise ended Saturday morning. We picked up our rental car and went to see my uncle and aunt near San Diego (the same uncle who says he isn't an artist!), then drove up to Lancaster to spend the weekend with our boys. I was one happy mama to see my boys! They are doing great. I'm shamefully proud of both of them, I'm afraid. It was just a joy to see them and talk to them, meet their friends, talk to their teachers, and hear about what's going on in their lives. Andrew seems to have fit right in and found his niche. We also saw our "other boy" Ryan, who is from our church here in North Vancouver. He was waiting when we drove up too, and he had fabulous news for us: he got saved last Wednesday! I'm telling you, Wes and I were SO glad for Ryan! He was baptized Sunday morning, so we got to see that too. What a blessing!

We took Sam and Andrew to check on some job possibilities Monday afternoon, then shopping for necessities - such as Little Debbie cakes and Pop Tarts - before we left them on Monday night. I'm afraid I cried just as much as always. Those poor boys; they hardly know what to do when Mom is crying! Just let me cry. I'll be ok. And I was. I'm afraid I miss them more, now, though. This parenting of adult children is a lot harder than I expected! ;)

We traveled all day yesterday (Tuesday) and arrived home late last night. I picked up Beth today from our friends' house, and she and I have been catching up all day today. I sure missed her while we were gone! Especially when we were with the boys. It's always been my habit to know where all three are when we're together, and I kept looking for Beth. So I'm glad to have her home, and now we're all easing back into everyday life. I haven't finished unpacking yet, so I guess I should go do that. There's no place like home!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I thought of you many times while you were away.
    I'm glad you had a safe trip and were blessed to be able to go. I could almost picture it all as you described the things that you did. It's also great that you got to visit your sons. I am sooo NOT looking forward to having to send my daughter off to college... and she is looking forward to going already...and she is only ten!

  2. So nice that you had such a wonderful vacation...but what great JOY to find one having gotten SAVED upon arrival home! Rejoicing!!!

    My mom and sis live in Lancaster!

    Nice to see you back!


  3. Your time away sounded glorious...and the salvation of that young man..PRAISE the LORD !!
    I too cry when I leave or my children leave...hey..we are is ALLOWED...
    I am glad you had such a wonderful get away

  4. Tammy ~~ I can just imagine that you are not looking forward to sending your daughter off to college! I can tell you that although it's hard, the Lord does give grace, and the joy of seeing your child(ren) maturing and serving the Lord far outweighs the sorrow of seeing them leave. At least that's how it's been for me.

    Hope ~~ How neat that your mom and sister live in Lancaster! Do they go to church at Lancaster Baptist? No offense to Lancaster dwellers, but I would NOT like to live there - the heat and dirt! ;) But I love that city at the moment because it is home to my boys. What a contradiction! LOL

    Deby ~~ We are SO pleased with Ryan's salvation and progress! Part of me wishes I could keep myself from crying, but part of me wants to just bawl! ;) I do miss my boys, though. It's hard to say goodbye.

  5. I am glad you're home safe and sound and got to see the boys! And what wonderful news!

  6. I'm so glad you had a great vacation. It's so hard to leave our loved ones!


  7. Hi Susan ~ Missed you while you were away! I'm glad the cruise was so enjoyable along with all the other fun escapades, including seeing your sons! Sounds like a great get-away celebration with your honey!


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