Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Week of Boo-Boos

Of all the weeks I've had, this has been one! We started school again, but I wasn't completely ready, so I spent quite a few hours making sure all of Beth's subjects were installed. We use Switched-On Schoolhouse for several of her subjects, and I enter the rest of her assignments as custom subjects in the SOS software, which takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours at a time, depending on how much I need to enter for each assignment in each subject. Each custom subject has to be entered all at once, because saving it and reopening it changes all the original settings for that subject. I still have one heavy-typing subject to enter, but everything else is done and she is well on her way this year. If you're familiar with SOS, that might make sense, but if not . . . just trust me, it works.

I'm also still working on that custom Etsy order I mentioned last week. Every single time I work on it, something else goes wrong. Thankfully, my customer is very patient and doesn't need her order right away. I thought I had it all finished last night, until I discovered that about five of the 125 pieces of the order are missing. Now I have to go back and get those last five done and put finishing touches on the order and it'll be ready to mail Monday morning.

Another custom order that I mailed over 3 weeks ago has never arrived at its destination, so now I'm remaking that order and resending it on Monday morning. This time I will get delivery confirmation! At least this order will be easy to remake; it's just a set of 20 gift tags that are sponged and stamped - very quick to do.

And now I come to the stuff I broke this week! I think it was Tuesday that I was working in the kitchen. I reached to hang up my apron, just below one of my grandmother's platters on display. I wasn't watching where I was reaching, and my fingers just brushed the platter. It fell and broke into one large piece and about a million little shards! I told myself it was only a material object, picked up and swept up the pieces, and moved on. I have far more memories of Grandma than just that platter!

On Thursday, I was cleaning up the living room for our church's mid-week Bible study and decided to hang my fabulous fall wreath I got on clearance at Michaels last year. I hang it over the fireplace, which is also where my Willow Tree figurines are. I picked up and moved two of the trio in the middle, but the one on the right toppled over just as I reached for it. It hit the brick and marble hearth and broke. She is in three large pieces, though, so she can be fixed. This time I cried. The platter and the Willow Tree together were just too much frustration for one week . . . and both of them were things I'd highlighted in Show & Tell posts the past couple of weeks!

Thankfully that's all that's been broken this week, although those two things were enough. But Wednesday I had a Mysterious Kitchen Incident. I had put some chicken on to boil and gone upstairs to do something up there. I came back down a few minutes later to the smell of something burning. I immediately checked the pot of chicken on the stove, but it looked fine. That is, until I looked more closely at the outside of the pan. It was covered in black soot, just like it had been set in a fire. It hadn't been like that when I put it on the burner, but it was definitely burnt now. There was no other evidence of fire - no scorch marks on the stove or anything. So I opened the windows to get rid of the smokey smell, cooked the chicken, and began preparing the rest of our supper. After the pan was cool, I wanted to see if the bottom looked burnt, so I held it over my head . . . with the broth still in it! You guessed it - the broth shifted, the pan tipped, and broth went everywhere! This necessitated mopping the floor and wiping up the stove. At 4:00 on Wednesday afternoon, when Wes is filling in for another pastor in Vancouver and we have to have supper on time! No, this would not happen on a day when it's ok for supper to be a little late. My husband is a patient man, though, so even though supper was a little late, he didn't get angry, and we made it to church in plenty of time.

So this has been a week. I'm ready for a vacation now. How was your week? Was it one of those weeks? Or did yours run smoothly?


  1. Wow! That's a lot of mishaps in a week. Mine week went well this week but I can relate to what has happen to you. I get those times all the time. I think God is trying to tell me I need to slow down. Hope this week will be better for you.

    I didn't get to say "hi" to you on Wednesday.

  2. Hi, Deanna! I figured you were downstairs with the kids, and I missed seeing you. Glad your week went well!

  3. Ah, poor Susan!! It's frustrating when any of those things happen, but all in one week.

    That is so odd about the kitchen incident. I wonder if something on the burner caught fire and flamed up and them burned out. I've had that happen with crumbs of stuff that fell down into the burner pan somehow that I don't notice until I'm wondering why I'm smelling something burning. I'm glad that's all that got burned.

    Hope you have a better week ahead!


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