Friday, September 18, 2009

Trying Again: Weeks 4-6

Well. About halfway through last week I realized I hadn't updated my success - or lack therof - with my Weight Loss Challenge. Then I forgot to update you again this Monday, so I thought I'd just wrap it up today and put us all out of my misery. I have failed completely with this thing again. It inspires me at the beginning, but then I get aggravated with it and give up. Look to me as an example of what not to do! :) Hopefully, you all have done much better with your weight loss and health goals.

We've heard from friends who've taken cruises that they gained a pretty good amount of weight on theirs - around 10 pounds each. I cannot do that! So my plan for our cruise is to eat a good breakfast and a good supper, and eat light for lunch, with snacks of fruits and proteins between meals. My doctor has prescribed a bedtime snack each night to try to help with my morning blood sugar levels, which have always been high but are now climbing higher due to a medication issue not related to diabetes. It seems to be helping a little bit, but it takes time for new patterns to establish. Another goal for the cruise is to eat a fruit and/or vegetable with each meal and snack. Hopefully these goals will help me not to gain a lot of weight. Wes plans to eat moderately too; we'll help each other! Whether we actually follow through with our good intentions remains to be seen, though.

So this is the end of my second attempt at this particular weight-loss challenge. My goal for now is to eat well and get some exercise each day, which is really all that my doctors have asked. Weight loss is something I want for myself, and it's just not happening these days!

How have you done? I know Dani Joy has done very well with her weight-loss plan - congratulations, Dani Joy!


  1. I know firsthand how difficult weight loss is. I also know that any effort, even when we fail, helps. I like to paraphrase Flylady and say that any weightloss effort, however small, blesses my body and health.

  2. It sounds like you have a good plan in place for your cruise. Do pick a few meals though, to splurge on! I've heard that food on cruises is fantastic!

    My current diet plan right now is to eat whatever I want and lots of it. ;) It seems to be working, too! I'm amazed. I tried to do a very sensible diet, but The Baby was waking up at night. Once I quit my diet, she was sleeping again. Obviously, my plan only works for nursing mamas. :-)


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