Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This First Day of September

Ah, September! I can't believe it's here already, but I'm so glad it is! I love autumn, and September means fall is on the way with cooler temperatures, beautiful colors, a return to routine, and the holidays are right around the corner.

Wes arrived home around 9:30 last night. He said the boys are doing fine. Sam is busy with new classes and responsibilities this semester; he is a dorm supervisor! He has around 55 guys in his dorm, and one of his best friends is his assistant supervisor. There are a lot of Canadian boys in their dorm, including Andrew and Ryan, which thrills all of them - they're proud to be Canadians and have a such a strong presence on campus!

Andrew is getting registered for his classes this week and is doing well so far with being away from home. He's never been one to get homesick anyway, so I expect him to do fine. He's looking for a job (there will be a job fair on Thursday at the college) and planning to sing in the college choir. Friday night the college will take all the students to a Los Angeles baseball game - would that be Angels or Dodgers? I'm not sure which one. I suspect that any homesickness, if it comes, will happen once the excitement of this first week wears off.

Beth starts her junior year of high school next Tuesday. It always seems like it's so late, starting after Labor Day, but that's when the local schools start. I don't have everything ready yet. I'm still poring over her sign language course. I thought it was geared toward homeschooling and would be easy for me to use although I don't know ASL, but I found that it's meant for a teacher who already knows sign language to use in setting up a class at a church or community center. It does have a DVD with all the lessons to illustrate the signs, but the tests need someone who knows ASL to make the signs for her to interpret and then have her sign to him to make sure she's doing them right. Fortunately, our song leader at church knows ASL, and he has agreed to help me with her tests! Now I just need to adapt the lesson plans to just one person.

I've been working on a custom order from my Etsy shop this week. It's for five sets of the numbers 1-25, mounted on cardstock shapes to use for an advent calendar. When I bid for the job (through Alchemy, a feature where people can find someone to make a custom order for them), I didn't really think it through. These numbers are not stamped; they are die-cut from the alphabet dies that I got at Michael's in July. Then each one is glued onto the shape. That's 125 numbers, most of them double-digit! So that is a work in progress. I've learned a couple of ways of attaching those numbers that don't work. And I've learned a valuable lesson in counting the cost!

So that's about it for this first day of September! Enjoy the changing season!


  1. Glad i found you.
    I'll be back when more time.

    barbara jean

  2. whew...it feels like this summer has come and gone..indeed...it has !!!...it will be one I remember, spent in a recliner...
    Fall is my favorite season..so I am ready mentally for it and all that it brings...and then the wonderful holidays...
    but today is today...and it is one of those days where some of the weariness of being stuck a bit, has got to me...
    Praying for you ASL teaching...also that custom order....
    Praising God for the Seasons,

  3. I love autumn, too! It was such a beautiful day here. The smell of fall was in the air and blowing in my windows!
    I enjoyed catching up with you.
    Hope you're able to get your order done quickly with little problems.
    Enjoy the beginnings of the new season!
    ~ Christina

  4. I to love September , Autumn is my favourite time of year as the colours are stunning. I do not know where the year has gone.
    Hope your order goes well.

  5. Glad you got everyone settled in. Good luck with your projects. Happy fall!

  6. Barb ~ I look forward to seeing you again - thanks for stopping by!

    Deby ~ Thanks for your prayers. Praying that your fall will be wonderful - back on your feet, literally! :)

    Christina ~ I love that fall smell too! Enjoy the season!

    Clare ~ This has been a fast year, hasn't it? Enjoy fall!

    Diana ~ Enjoy your fall! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. It's good you have someone who knows ASL nearby. I'd be at a loss, too -- as elementary school kids we signed the basic alphabet to each other a lot, but I have forgotten most of that.

    Sounds like Andrew is adjusting well.

    We've had our first dip of temperatures this week -- into the lower 60s -- and I love it. A relief from the heat but not too cold yet.

    I didn't know there was a place to bid on jobs like that. That does sound like a big one, though.


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