Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Good Thursday morning! Despite having a busy week, it seems like it's been a slow one. Might have something to do with anticipation of a trip! :) Wes and I are both pretty excited. I show excitement like you might expect, with lots of laughing and outward fun; Wes shows his by saying, "Yes, I'm excited" when asked. Otherwise you, the casual observer, might never know! When you look up the definition of cool, calm, and collected . . . there's Wes' picture! ;)

Wes took me shopping for some new clothes on Monday. He bravely plodded through stores like Christopher & Banks and JC Penney and picked out clothes he liked for me. This is something I've asked him to do several times. He picked out some things I would not have chosen for myself, and I must say it's fun to have some new clothes that are a change from my usual style and color choices. Although he was a good sport in the clothing stores, he sent Beth and me into Bath & Body Works and Payless Shoes by ourselves. I guess he'd had all he could take going into C&B! ;) What a guy! I am incredibly spoiled with new things.

My new Sunday school helper is teaching for me the Sunday that Wes and I are gone. She is one of our Filipina nannies and has worked with children for years, both in her job and at her church back home, but for some reason she's nervous. I know she'll do a great job, and I am so relieved to not have to ask someone to substitute for me. I've already put her to work in part of Sunday school anyway; she didn't know what she was getting into when she asked if she could be my helper!

We were going to have an oceanside baptism service last Sunday, but the father of the family getting baptized got sick and even ended up in the ER on Sunday. The weather was just gorgeous last Sunday, so we went ahead with our plan to have a picnic at the oceanside park minus the baptism service. We had a great time with our church family. We spread out blankets and quilts to sit on, the guys carried a picnic table over to a sunny spot, and we all talked and watched the sailboats and various other craft on the water. It's stayed pretty nice all week, with warm temps and more sunshine than we're used to in September, although we've had a bit of rain too.

I talked to both our boys last night after they got out of church. Sam is swamped with projects this semester. Each semester he makes a list on the computer of his assorted assignments and works on them almost every spare moment. This semester he had to use a smaller font to be able to fit them all on one page! He isn't in choir this semester, either . . . because he just didn't have the time. He'd still like to find a part time job just to be able to save some money; he's become a very good money manager. I'm proud of him!

Andrew was in true form last night! He ran into Sam's room saying he was busy, but he'd talk to Mom a minute. When he got on the phone, I told him I could talk to him another time if he was too busy right then, and he informed me that he was busy, but not in a super-important kind of way. He said, "I have to find a girl. I found her once, and now I've misplaced her and it's getting late." Those of you who know Andrew will recognize Classic Andrew in that statement! There is a luau coming up this Saturday which is a "dating activity." Andrew has met a girl that he'd like to ask to the luau, but this boy who has always had plenty of friends-who-are-girls suddenly feels a little shy about asking one to go with him to an activity! I couldn't believe it! His brother informed me that it's different when you can actually ask a girl on a date. Ok. I wouldn't know. Their dad never had a problem asking me on a date! ;) So Andrew was quickly off to find the girl, who was with her friends, and hopefully ask her to go with him to the luau. I'm pretty sure she'll go. Andrew has a great personality and will make it a fun time. As a side note, he also has two quizzes today that he had to finish studying for. First things first, you know! ;) I'm proud of how well he's adjusting to college life and being himself, quickly becoming known as Andrew, not just Sam's brother.

Finally, the last update I've seen concerning Kendrick is that he stopped breathing at about 2 a.m. this morning for about an hour. He did resume breathing at a somewhat normal rate, but in very shallow breaths. The Care Pages are down for some reason, so there are no new updates there this morning. We continue to pray for a peaceful transition from this life to Heaven for Kendrick, and the strength to carry on for Allen and Alicia. God's grace has been so real to them these past few days!

Have a great day. I'll be busy with trip, Sunday school, and Bible study preparations as well as laundry - must do laundry today. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Have a wonderful trip! Andrew sounds like he's adjusting well.

    I am sorry for little Kendrick's family. Will keep praying for them.


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