Thursday, September 03, 2009

Show & Tell Friday: Family Heirlooms

Show & Tell time again! Today I'm showing you some "old things" that I treasure that were given to me by my grandmothers. I remember them from my childhood, and a couple of them were things I asked for specifically when I was a teenager because I loved them so much I wanted to have them as an inheritance. I got them, and I still love them today.

Just so you know, if you've been reading my blog for a long time and this looks vaguely familiar, I have talked about these things before!

The first thing is from my Grandma Holden, my dad's mother. This little rocking chair was at her house for me to sit in when I was little. I was the only grandchild for 7 years, so it was all mine in the beginning! She gave me this little chair after I had children. Now that I think back, I've always loved to rock, and maybe this little chair had something to do with that.

Here are some things from both of my grandmas. The gold-trimmed platter on the right was Grandma Holden's. I love old platters, and I cherish this one because it was hers. The cake plate on the left belonged to one of my grandmas, but I'm not sure which. It's a pedestal stand, and it makes a beautiful presentation. It's kind of retro-looking, which is "in" right now, but I've been using this cake stand for years. The cut-glass candle holders belonged to my mother's mother, my Granny Rogers, as did the wooden dough tray underneath.

Here's a better look at that dough tray. This has been in my family since the early 20th century. It belonged my my great-grandmother, who died around 1927. I would imagine it was handmade by someone in my family, and it's worn smooth from all the bread-making in it. I love it because of the feeling of history it carries. The hands of my great-grandmother worked in this bowl. She was a busy young mother of 4 small children, one of whom was my Granny, and I can just see her standing at the counter making biscuits. They were a farming family, so the meals were often just bread and vegetables. Granny has said that they made "biscuit" 3 times a day! I can't imagine! After her mother died, Granny took over the cooking until her Papa remarried, so she was the one working in the dough tray. I love to run my hands over it and imagine her hands there too. Maybe I'm weird, but it gives me a sense of belonging, of connecting with past generations. And so I love my dough bowl!

If you'd like to see more or participate in Kelli's Show & Tell Friday, go visit her at There's No Place Like Home. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Susan.

    Its great to inherit. It will remind us those memories while we were in the childhood stage. Thanks for sharing.

  2. precious chair & decoration pretties! the wood look so sturdy! will survive another hundreds of years!.. thanks for sharing..

  3. I love the story which goes with this dough bowl ! That's so touching. I also like the little rocking chair. You gave me an idea I also have some things I inherited from my Grandma and never thought of to present them here.

  4. I especially like the rocking chair...and the story that goes with it. It's momentous in such a way that it's truly a treasured, treasure.

    My Show N Tell is posted. Hope you can have time to stop by.

  5. Thanks for sharing these special things from your family.

    P.S. During yesterday's post, I thought of Henry Blackaby (Experiencing God); he did much work in Canada I believe.

    Pop over when you get a chance.

  6. My mother-m-law always had a bread board to roll out the dough and I used to watch in fascination as she whipped up loaves and loaves of bread on it. I don't know if she still has it but I think I'll have to look for it on my next visit....

  7. I am looking for a dough bowl. Did you see them use this. I need to do a post about it. Very nice pieces from your grandmas. I'm glad you're using them.
    Mama Bear

  8. Hi Susan

    What great treasures. I love the dough board! I'm sure some great breads and such came from this wonderful piece.

    Please stop by The Old Parsonage if you have the time.


  9. These are wonderful family heirlooms and thank
    you for sharing them with us! :)

  10. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a dough tray which is a fabulous idea! I would probably make more hand kneaded things if it wasn't such a dirty job. I do have a bread machine that I need to crank up again-lol. The little rocker is precious.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  11. I don't think you're weird at all. I love the idea os using things with a sense of history.

  12. I love your treasures! I have things that belonged to my Grandmother that I cherish also. I especially love your dough tray & the history you wrote with it. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. The way you wrote about the bread board is so charming...I can practically feel the smooth wood in my hands.

  14. Susan,

    What sweet treasures! I especially love the little chair and dolly. Cute!!

  15. Hi Susan!

    What precious treasures these are! The dough tray is simply amazing. Just think how many pounds of flour it has seen over the years. I agree... I love the sense of continuity of using something that was my grandmother's.

    Everything is so nice. I especially like the pedestal cake stand. They make a cake look so special!

    God bless,

  16. Thank you for sharing! I've never seen or heard of a dough bowl before, I just use a plastic dough sheet (my mum's from the 70's!) or the bench. Those things are interesting and it does connect you to the past, you definately aren't weird!


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