Friday, September 11, 2009

My So-Talented Uncle

One of my favorite things about Facebook is being connected with my extended family. I've found cousins - or rather, they found me - whom I haven't seen since we were little kids jumping on trampolines together, reconnected with other cousins whom I have seen more recently but had lost track of, and continued online with my beloved extended family of various brothers, sisters, and parents. And one uncle. My Uncle Bud.

I call him my Favorite California Uncle because he is my only uncle who lives in California. All my other uncles live in SC, so I have to be a bit more careful about calling anyone a favorite out there. Uncle Bud's name is not actually Bud; it's Leonard, but our family has always called him Buddy or Bud, I think from calling him his brother's "little buddy" when they were little boys. You can see a picture of him and my Aunt Shari when we visited with them a couple of years ago in this post. You'll have to scroll down a bit, but they're there.

Uncle Bud is an artist. He begs to differ with me on that, though. He says drawing and painting is just what he does, but I call people who can draw and paint artists. I can prove Uncle Bud is an artist too. The other day he sent me a picture of an ink drawing he did for his wife of their grandchildren. He said it took about five days of steady work because of its size, a whopping 40"x30"!!! And I think it's just gorgeous! I asked him for permission to share it with you, and he said he'd love for me to, although of course a picture of a drawing does not do it justice. So here ya go! Don't you think he's an artist too?!! :)


  1. That is just gorgeous!! And what an heirloom it will be.

  2. WoW! I like drawing, and I can't do that...he's definately an artist!

  3. It´s incredible! Wow! amazing! How special!


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