Monday, August 10, 2009

Trying Again

Over the past few weeks, I've had several friends and family members ask whatever happened to our Weight Loss Challenge. I just laughed! We lasted almost 2 weeks on that, then we fizzed out on it. Beth pretty much lives that way anyway, so she has more or less been following the guidelines all along, but Wes and I bombed big time.

Six weeks from yesterday, Wes and I will begin a trip to celebrate our 25th anniversary: a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines, and we're pretty excited about it. I'd like to at least feel good when we go and maybe lose a few pounds before we go, so I've decided to try the challenge again.

Once again, here are the guidelines for the challenge:

You get 1 point for each of the following:
  • 30 minute workout
  • No Soda (even diet)
  • No Sweets
  • Drinking 48 oz of water per day
  • No eating within 2 hours of bed
  • 7 hours of sleep
  • 5 servings of fruits and veggies

    There are 2 freebie points a week that are for your oops moments and if you get a perfect score for the week you get 2 more bonus points! At the end of your set time, you get to add a bonus point for every pound you lost.
I'm not even going to compete with anyone but myself this time. You all are my accountability partners. I'm beginning today, and I'll report in every Monday till September 14th; that week I'll report in for the last time on Saturday, the 19th. We sail on the 2oth!


  1. Came by your blog today through Ladies of Grace.
    I prayed for you today concerning your new "goal" for your weight loss. As I "walk" each morning I say to myself I am walking for my "heart" to be stronger each day...its helps!

  2. How exciting to plan a cruise with your beloved!
    I, too, am trying to lose weight and be healthier. A friend and I are trying to work together to accomplish some goals.
    Praying the Lord will give you the victory.

    ~ Christina

  3. Nancy, welcome to my blog and a big thank-you for praying for me today! What an encouragement!

    Thank you, too, Christina! I so need victory in this area! Praying for you and your friend, too.

  4. I'll be looking forward to hearing about the cruise. I don't normally travel well, but something about a cruise appeals to me. I haven't suggested it yet, though -- I want to learn more first.

  5. SueAnne7:50 PM

    Susan, this is what I need. I'm going to do your challenge. My husband and I are also going on a cruise in October. We are both so excited ! I've lost 50 lbs. this past year, but have been at a plateau for some months now. I still need to loose 20 lbs. Not sure if I will do it by October, but I'll take any lost poundage I can get. Will you arrange for us to have a weekly time to share or success ?

  6. Barbara, we've been told several times since we booked our cruise that this is THE way to travel. I think it's because you have everything you need right there, and you can leave the ship when it docks or stay on board and just relax. I'm so looking forward to it! I'll take lots of notes along the way. It'll cost too much for internet access to live blog!

    SueAnne, congratulations on your weight loss!!!! You are more than welcome to post here in the comments of each check-in post. Enjoy your cruise!

  7. I need to try that challenge. But seven hours of sleep. Who has time for that? Well, who with little kids?

  8. I just found your blog from LAF - Feminine Dress - your posts were from 2005! I'm so glad your posts are still up, I am struggling with staying in a skirt/dress all the time even though it's something I think I should do. I am intrigued by your points system is that each day? I need to lose weight too. I have a few skirts that I don't fit and want to, plus I need to be healthier for my family and myself.
    God Bless and have a wonderful day/night.

  9. Larissa, I'm so glad you came by my blog, and I hope some of my posts were a help to you. If I can help you in any way, please feel free to email me (my addy is in my profile), and I'll do anything I can to be an encouragement to you!

    Yes, those posts are old (I didn't realize how old!), but everything I said in those posts still holds true today! :)

  10. The Provident Woman, you are in good company with little ones! It is hard to get a good night's sleep when babies are waking in the night. I used to nap while my little ones napped!


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