Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

Random describes me perfectly this week! I'm in that limbo between camp and school starting where there's nothing pressing to do, but there's tons of stuff I could . . . and should do . . . but I don't have the motivation. Sigh. I do need to get Beth's school subjects planned and ready.

Something exciting happened today. I went to get a load of jeans and denim skirts out of the dryer and noticed that the dryer drum was not its normal color; it was streaked a nice shade of indigo blue. And there was an ink pen lying in the bottom, revealing the source of those streaks! Only a few pieces of the clothes had noticeable spots, but the dryer was a horrible mess. I used a Magic Eraser on it till no more ink would come off, but there were still streaks. So I washed a load of towels next, which won't be totally ruined if they get a little blue on them. They came out ok, so I'll finish my laundry and leave a note for our downstairs neighbor, letting him know that it's just stained now; nothing is coming off on the clothes.

I've been reading an excellent book this week,I Am Potential: Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and Reaching Your Dreams by Patrick Henry Hughes. It's about a young man, the same age as my son, Samuel, who was born without eyes and with severe physical disabilities. He can't walk or stand without support. He has chosen to accept his limitations and make the most of his abilities. He's an amazing young man with amazing parents. What drew me to the book was having seen this family on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I felt they were good folks who truly needed a new home, and after reading the book, I have tremendous respect for them. In addition to the amazing ways Patrick Henry and his family handled his disabilities, the eight life lessons highlighted are valuable for all of us, and I was challenged to live up to my own potential. Great book!

I've also been making cards this week, making a custom order of various thank-you cards for a friend. They're done now and ready to ship. I enjoyed getting to play, and I got some new design ideas for my shop. After she receives them, I'll post some pictures so you can see them too.

Wes has been buying Andrew the clothes he'll need for college. Young men are required to wear suits to school three days a week, so we got Andrew a couple of new suits at a local store having a buy one/get one free sale. Later, Wes got a preferred-customer coupon for a large discount at the same store, so he and Andrew went back this week and bought two new dress shirts each. Praise the Lord for supplied needs!

Sam's summer tour is almost over. This weekend they're in New Mexico, and Monday they will finish their drive into Lancaster, after having driven all the way from Maryland this week. I talked to him last night, and he's ready to get home . . . meaning Lancaster. He will need to be there by the 27th for some campus responsibilities he has this year, and he's also checking into a job lead for the year. So he isn't coming home this summer. That has been a hard thing for me, but the Lord has helped!

That's what's been going on in our neck of the woods this week. I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I enjoyed catching up with you! That is hard that Sam can't get home before school -- glad the Lord is helping.

    My husband and son have benefited from buy-one-get-one free suit sales before. Unfortunately that store closed -- maybe another will implement that kind of sale.

    I'm glad no ink is coming off the dryer! Good idea to test it with towels.

    That sounds like an amazing book.

  2. You all sure have been busy. You may have mentioned before, but where is Andrew going to college?

    Glad the ink came out. Just don't lose a crayon in the dryer! It's happened more than once at my house.

  3. Thanks for these *random thoughts*...I enjoyed them....and as you are going through all this..I am praying your blood sugar stays stabilized...
    That book sounds so's been to EZ to get a case of the feel sorries for ME...I have to fight it right now....thinking what VALUE and I---trying to stay productive and know this recliner land living is from the Lord for HIS reasons....but sometimes...I just get down...and well....OUT of FOCUS...
    maybe this would be a good book to put on my reading list....
    Surgery in the morning

  4. Ruth, Andrew is going to West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA.


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