Saturday, August 29, 2009

Off to College!

Thank you all for your gracious comments about my Willow Tree collection yesterday! I read each one and will try to answer all your comments just as soon as possible.

Our son Andrew left for college this morning! He and Wes left at 4:00 a.m. to catch their 6:30 flight to Los Angeles. Our friends, whose son is also a freshman this year at West Coast, picked them up. The two dads and two boys will enjoy their weekend in Lancaster, CA . . . and then the dads will fly home Monday evening and the boys will have a blast during orientation week at the school. The dorms open Monday morning, and there are activities planned all week to help the students get to know each other and an opening-week revival each night. Classes start the week of September 7th. I think Andrew will enjoy his classes. He's getting the one-year Bible certificate, which will give him a solid, biblical foundation for whatever he decides to do as a career; right now he is planning to go into law enforcement. This is something his dad asked him to do, and Andrew was very willing to give one year completely to Bible study before he goes on to another college. He's been homeschooled all his life, and he's really looking forward to taking classes in a traditional classroom. I think he'll do well in that setting!

I got up at 3:30 to see them off. Yes, I cried! I think I cried more when Wes hugged me goodbye, as we are the parents watching together as our second-born begins his adult life. I felt like he understands the tears a little better than Andrew does . . . maybe. My husband is not an emotional person! Anyway, I hugged my boy for a long time, cried on his shoulder, and away he went - without a backward look of course! :) Although I will miss him terribly - he keeps me laughing with all his crazy stunts he comes up with - I'm very excited to watch him spread his wings and fly. We've raised him to be an adult, and now it's time to let him do that.

So I went back to bed and slept late. Now I've just spent a shameful amount of time looking at crafty things online and need to go get a shower and act like a decent human being. We have a guest preacher tomorrow, of course, and I still have Sunday school to teach and other work to get done, and Beth and I have plans to be just girls this evening - we're going to eat our favorite meal of Chicken Stir-Fry, maybe go shopping or watch some girl movie that would make our men roll their eyes and head to another room! There are some perks to having the guys gone for a day or two!

Oh . . . another thing that helped say goodbye more easily is that we'll be seeing both of our boys again in just 4 weeks, at the end of our 25th anniversary cruise. I'm really looking forward to that (both the cruise and seeing the boys), since we haven't seen Sam since January!

So that's what's going on in our home today. Changes come and life continues and we adjust to a new normal. Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!


  1. Oooooh, I don't think I'm quite ready to hug my second born goodbye as he goes off to college!! :) Fortunately, he's going to our local community college. But his day will come too. :( Makes a mama happy and sad all at the same time, doesn't it?

  2. That one year course sounds like a good foundation, and I love your girls-only plans.

    A cruise! Somehow I missed or forgot this. I've been thinking about suggesting it -- it seems like so many people I know are going on cruises! I can't wait to hear about it.

    I trust the Lord will give you grace as your second one leaves the nest. I was saying recently that even though we know that's what's ahead, it's still not easy.

  3. You made me cry! Patrick and I have talked about the day when our children leave home. We just can't imagine it. I know God will give grace during that time. I'm glad you will be able to see him in 4 weeks. I'm sure he'll love West Coast!
    Kami Gimenez

  4. It's definitely hard, but thank God for His presence and protection over them.

  5. I believe we have 4 kids from our church going to West Coast too.

  6. Thank you all for your comments and commiseration! ;) It wasn't a bad weekend at all - the Lord definitely helps us through the little bumps, doesn't he?

    Lori ~ Yes, it does make you happy and sad at the same time. That's exactly it!

    Barbara ~ Knowing how things will be ahead of time never prepares you for it, or at least it hasn't for me. There's still that little pang inside that he won't be living with us anymore. I will definitely keep you posted on our cruise; we've heard from lots of people that it's THE way to travel, and the cost is not unreasonable when you consider the price to take a road trip with hotel and food expenses.

    Kami ~ The time goes so quickly! Just remember you're raising them to be adults and to have their own lives, and that actually does help some when the time comes! LOL I'm sure Andrew will love WC.

    Diana ~ I do depend upon God's protection for our boys. I'm a little amazed that I worried more when they were little, and my husband worries more now.

    Corene ~ It's a great school! We've been so pleased with how well our older son has done there. Everybody gets to move into the dorms today! :)

  7. I guess that's what I have to look forward to. I still have ways to go but it will be here before I know.
    It is so nice that you and Brother Hutchens can go away on a cruise and are able to see your boys in 4 weeks.


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