Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Need Bulletins?

One of my blogging and real-life friends, Deanna, posted a blog entry earlier this week that touched a chord with me, and I asked her if I could repost a part of it here in an effort to help her and her family. Her husband was injured several months ago and has been out of work since then. He does several part-time jobs, but they need more. One of the things he does is design work for churches for a very reasonable price. If your church needs someone to design high-quality bulletins for you, please check out his blog, The Bulletin Club, and consider having him do some work for you.

Here's a snippet of what his wife wrote:
Just recently he put up a blog that advertises his design/layout skills. He focuses on church bulletins for some local churches and would like to expand his services internationally. Everything is done through email without having to step foot out or into an office. If you know of a church or even your home church that needs some design work done you can contact him at

I don't do this kind of thing often, but I felt it would be a good thing in this case to try to help out in a small way.

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