Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Few New-To-Me Blogs

Since I love to read blogs so much, I'm always checking out those I've never seen before, and every now and then I'll return to one I've not been to in a while to see what's going on with them. It's like visiting an old friend I haven't seen in a while! :)

In the past couple of weeks, I've run into a few ladies whose church affiliations are very similar to mine. One of those is Jennie from Pleasant Places. I found her on the Patch the Pirate fan page on Facebook. She mentioned having pictures of her church's Patch Club on her blog, so off I went to see them - and found a new friend! She's a pastor's wife and mother of 6 and writes about their daily life in Maine. While I like to read the "big" bloggers who have all kinds of advice and how-tos, I really feel much more comfortable with and enjoy the bloggers who just tell me about their days, what their family is doing and how God is working in their lives. Jennie does that!

Another like-minded blogger that I just found this week is Kami of A Day in the Life of a Missionary Wife. Not only are she and I like-minded about spiritual things, she actually knows my husband's parents! Kami and her husband are sent under the same mission board as my in-laws, and they've actually parked their RV next to my in-laws at a few mission conferences! Kami also blogs about her days - love her Family Night posts! Another neat thing? Kami's family are actually missionaries to the West Indies, but they're currently in Quebec City, Canada, learning the French language. I really wish Quebec was a little closer to BC!

Another new-to-me blogger I've discovered recently is Amy of Daily Pleasures. She's a mom of 11 - yes, 11 - and she has blessed me so much! Her post on Loving the Mother You Are helped me greatly, as did Loving Your Husband and Finding Balance. Go check out her blog; you'll find so much to read and think about! Amy also has a writing blog, a thousand words . . . and then some and is an excellent photographer.

The next blog is one I found through my blog friend Barbara H at Stray Thoughts. She mentioned one day ivman's blague (pronounced nearly the same as blog, blague is the French word for joke). He blogs about the humorous things in life, from funny signs to funny pictures to funny situations. The "iv" stands for "instant vacation," as in "laughter is an instant vacation." I have a lot of fun reading his posts, and he usually has a more serious observation interwoven with his humor. Very enjoyable!

Finally, one of those old friend blogs . . . Mrs. Wilt of The Sparrow's Nest is back! She took an extended break from blogging while she and her husband sold their home, moved into a smaller one, and had a new baby, their first little girl. I sure have enjoyed reading her posts again. I always enjoyed her sweet spirit and words of wisdom, as well as her decorating ideas and tips. Welcome back, Kelli!

Have you found some new-to-you blogs lately? What are some of your favorite blogs? I hope you'll enjoy the ones I've mentioned!


  1. I'm glad you enjoy ivman! I first knew him through another friend -- before he started a blog he used to send his ivs out via e-mail, and she had forwarded me a couple. Then he was my son's French teacher in college for a couple of years.

    I was glad to see Kelli back, too.

  2. I do enjoy his posts, Barbara! From his info on his page, I figured that he might live in your neck of the woods and that he might teach where your son went to college. How's that for a round about way of saying I think I know where he lives and teaches?! :)

  3. I agree! My kids made blogging look very interesting and so I just started visiting "blogworld" and have created 2 blogs of my own. One dedicated to grandmotherhood and one to life as my husband and I go from day to day. Believe it or not the kids and grandkids are loving it. They all live a thousand miles away in different directions and it makes them feel like they can pop in home for a short visit. Isn't this a wonderful age to live in?! Anyway I love your blog and I will be back to visit from time to time.
    Your friend down the street in "blogworld". Pamela


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