Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Beth is safely with my parents in upstate SC!!! I'm sure they're having a great time together. She was just a little nervous about flying this morning, and hoping she didn't get a chatty seatmate (she's not like her mama on that count!). I haven't talked to her myself, so I don't know if she was cornered by a chatter, but she told Wes that everything went fine.

Andrew drove most of the way down and back today. He's a great driver, even if he's a tad inexperienced. We had a good time talking and listening to music. Interesting observation: even though we both listen to conservative Christian music, we have much different tastes. I like more classical (think Majesty Music) and he likes more southern gospel (Greater Vision). He kept advancing my mp3 player to another song! LOL When we got home, we turned right around and went to Red Robin for his free birthday burger. All three of us were getting pretty hungry, and I was glad I didn't have to cook.

It's been a long, full day. I'll write again tomorrow!

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  1. That's great she made it there safely!

    I had to laugh at you and Andrew's different tastes in music. That's the way Stephen and I are. . .only now that I've been living in the South, the southern gospel style has been growing on me. Some of it is still too "twangy" for my tastes - but it's amazing how it's getting easier and easier to listen to. ;O)

    Anyway, thanks for the update!


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