Thursday, July 09, 2009

Great Deal at Michaels

Yesterday, while we were in Washington, we needed to hang around for about an hour till Beth's flight took off, just to make sure that we weren't needed while she was still on the ground here. What better way to pass the time than to go to Michaels???

I had a good reason to go. Sophia from Frugal Ideas From the Parsonage told Monday about a great deal she had found at Michaels: the $150 sets of Sizzix Sizzlets alphabet dies were on sale at Michaels for $9.97 a set! Since I knew I was going to the US on Wednesday, I decided I'd take some money with me and see if I could find a set myself. I did look here, and although the sets here were on sale, they were nothing like the ones in the US - here they were on sale for a whopping $89.

So I was pretty excited when I went into Michaels yesterday, but I was having trouble finding the dies. Then, there were NO alphabet die sets with the display of other dies, although some of those dies were on sale too. Finally, Andrew, who has always been the go-to guy when we've needed to find something (he has some kind of radar or something!) wandered over to another aisle and said, "Here they are, Mom!" I ran over - and there they were! Andrew convinced me to get two sets. For that price, it was almost impossible to pass up, and I had the money to get two.

I also had a 50% coupon off one full-price item, so I picked up a K&Company paper pad - 36 double-sided sheets. I've already worked through one of their paper pads, and I love their paper.

So I picked up that pad for $5.00, and a few other odds & ends (also on sale), for a total of just over $30. That's well over $300 worth of stuff for $30. I just love it when I find a good sale! Oh, and run . . . don't walk . . . to your Michaels if you want a set of those alphabet dies!


  1. WOW Susan..I am glad you found Michaels....
    What a deal....I am thinking I might have to try and scoot out..are they still on sale today?

  2. What great deals.
    Now, If i had one of those machines, I'd be rushin' right down to Micheal's.
    Well, I might even buy them just because they are on sale! =-))

    Those paper pads out neat.
    Will have to check that out.

    blessings and thanks,
    Barbara jean

  3. What a great deal on the dies! Wow! That paper pad is just beautiful! I'd head over to buy some, but have too much scrapping stuff I'm not using already, lol!

  4. Deby, I answered your comment privately - hope you can find some good deals!

    Barb, I got my Cuttlebug on sale earlier this year, but I rarely get new dies to use in it because they're so expensive. Which is why I was so excited about this deal! The Sizzix stuff will work in the CB.

    Melody, I know what you mean about stuff and not using it all. I have some paper that I'm thinking about trying to sell because I just don't use it. I bought it before I found my style, and it's just sitting there!

  5. I need to get to Michael's! I have a gift card from Mother's Day I haven't used yet (can you believe it?)

    I need some education about Sizzix, though. If I have a Cricut, would that do what a Sizzix does, or is it different?

    I LOVE that paper. Will definitely look for that.

    BTW, I had a question on Wednesday looking for ideas from readers about craft storage and organization. I don't know if you saw it -- I'd love to hear your ideas.

  6. Barbara, I know the Sizzix and Cuttlebug dies are interchangeable, but I'm not sure about Cricut - mainly because I'm confused about Cricut!

    As for craft storage and organization - I am the world's worst! I started out with things somewhat organized, but I'm finding as I work with it almost every day that what I thought would work isn't. My biggest problem is paper storage. All those scraps get out of hand in a hurry!

    Have fun with your gift card! I still have a bit left on one from Christopher & Banks that I got at Christmas, but it's only a little, and I keep trying to spend it, just not finding anything.


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