Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Checkin' In From Camp

Surprise! I didn't expect to get to check in this week, but camp counsellors get a free afternoon on Wednesday, and someone told me the little library in the teeny, tiny town here has free internet, so two other pastors' wives and I are up here doing our little things. We're having a good week of camp. I have the youngest group of girls, which is both a blessing and a challenge. They're sweethearts . . . but most haven't been to camp before, so it's a job in itself just to keep them aware of what's going on. And answering why. Always having to answer why. We're praying for the Lord to work in these young hearts this week - please join us!

The weather has been perfect for camp. Hot and dry during the day and chilly enough for lots of covers at night. You know how camp beds are . . . no different here in our rustic little camp! The meals yesterday were all carbs, so I was dragging by late afternoon yesterday with high blood sugar. One of my sweet friends went to the store this morning and bought me some veggies to have with my meals - she is one of those who is always noticing needs and taking care of others - and served me a huge salad at lunch. I'm feeling much better this afternoon and my blood sugar has been scraped off the ceiling and is back into more normal territory.

So that's it for me today. Hope you're all doing well!


  1. How great you got a break. Camp sounds wonderful! I really have missed out this year. We prob. won´t get to go to family camp. I would love to work as a counselor some day. But alas we live 6 hr from the camp and can only afford to go when the boys go this year and they had to go to two separate weeks.
    I will pray for you little girls and for the whole camp right now.

  2. My prayers are added to yours that the young hearts are filled with knowing how much God loves them!

    What a great friend you have who brought you a salad. :D

    Glad I found your blog! Enjoy the camping experience.

    Jesus Always! Nancy J


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