Monday, June 01, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 1

Happy Monday and Happy June to all of you! We're having absolutely gorgeous, hot (yes, hot for us) weather and it's not even summer yet. I just checked my weather information, and it's 81 degrees at 12:30. So that's hot.

The first few days of our weight loss challenge went very well; I got perfect points each day. Toward the end of the week things began to fall through, but I persevered and stuck with most of the points each day. I've found the easiest points to be no diet sodas and no sweets - I haven't even missed them . . . much. I don't like drinking water, so that part I had to force myself to do, and that was where I lost a point or two. Exercise . . . 5 out of 7 days, which is a huge improvement for me, and I already see and feel some good changes from getting almost daily exercise. Taking a vitamin is just one more pill, so that was easy. Eating 5 fruits and veggies each day? Goodness, I thought I ate more than I do! I missed a couple of days on that. I'm finding that the combination of good food, lots of water, and daily exercise are making me feel a lot better. Early in the week, when I was getting perfect points, I was losing weight pretty fast, but the end of the week put an end to that.

Here are our points for the week:

Wes - 40/56; 3 lbs. lost
Me - 45/56; 1.5 lbs. lost
Beth - 51/56; 0 lbs. lost (she doesn't need to lose any; she's doing this mainly to eat more healthy)


  1. wooohoooo...for all of you...
    YES..this weather is glorious, Susan...
    just enjoying the sunshine so much...and the windows open...and of course, a fan going..

  2. Sounds like a great first week to me!

    Why no diet sodas?

  3. Deby, it's just plain HOT today! Do you have AC? I am getting all my work done by mid-morning so I can sit and do my less-active stuff in the afternoon. Like cardmaking and scrapbooking! :)

    Babara, the only reason I can think of for no diet sodas is the carbonation. Wes used to play soccer and basketball in high school, and he said they weren't allowed carbonated drinks during the season because of something to do with the body's use of oxygen being impaired by the CO2 in the carbonated drinks. That's all I know . . . other than I have felt really good without the soda. That could be because I'm exercising more, eating better, and drinking lots of water, and have nothing to do with not drinking soda.

  4. Susan you are doing great! I must admit that I'm not good with keeping a list of points, but I've posted today about my progress and some tips I use. I do need to get more fruit and veggies in my diet though. Keep up the good work! We'll get to the finish line eventually!


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