Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday in Review - June 14, 2009

Good Sunday afternoon to you! I don't normally do much on the computer on Sunday, because usually I'm taking a nap . . . and my computer is used for our projector during church services and I just leave it packed up on Sunday afternoon. But today I wanted to tell you about the missionary we had this morning while her visit is still fresh in my mind.

We had Miss Coco Chan with us today. She is a member of Metro Baptist Church, a sister church in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver. She is a single lady from Hong Kong, and the Lord has called her to go to Trinidad as a missionary. She'll be teaching classes in the schools there (more about that in a minute), conducting Bible schools and clubs, and training national workers to teach Sunday school and work in children's ministries.

I've known Coco for almost 5 years, but we only see each other occasionally at summer camp or some other church activity, so I had never heard her salvation testimony. Coco was born into a devout Buddhist family in Hong Kong and never heard the Gospel until she was 16. At that time, she had become gravely ill and was near death. While she was in the hospital, a lady there witnessed to her. At first she rejected this lady and the Gospel, because she was bitter about being so sick and her life seemingly being over. But after a couple of weeks and continued witnessing from Wendy, Coco finally accepted Jesus as her Savior. She said for the first time, she had security about where she would be after death. Buddhism had taught her reincarnation, and what she would become in the next life was based upon how good she was in her present life. So her salvation gave her peace and security for the first time ever. She looks back now and realizes that the Lord allowed that sickness so that she would listen to the Gospel; any other time and way, and she would have just dismissed it and gone on in her own way.

Coco moved to Canada in 1999 to learn English, and immediately became involved in Metro Baptist Church. She's been a faithful hard worker there, very valuable to Pastor and Mrs. Mackay, especially in the children's ministries. Last year, she had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Trinidad. While she was there, she noticed the children on the streets drinking beer, children as young as 8 years old, and she realized that somebody has to reach these children now . . . and that's when the Lord broke her heart for the children of Trinidad! The public schools there require a course in religion and they are open to any religion that presents itself. So she will apply to teach "religion" classses, and when she is approved she will be free to teach as many classes per week as she has time to do! In addition, she'll be helping established missionaries teach Sunday school, Vacation Bible schools, and train national workers to teach. She'll also be establishing neighborhood Bible clubs for the children - they have nowhere to go but the streets. She's a busy lady here, and she'll continue to be busy there. I'm so excited about the work the Lord has for Coco in Trinidad!

In church happenings this week, we had to move our meeting room at the rec cenre to another room in another building today. Another organization needed our room to store their stuff while their storage area was being painted, so we were moved. We found out about it Thursday, so there was little time to prepare ourselves for being in another room. We rarely have things like this happen, but when they do, we're reminded anew how wonderful it will be when we can afford to have our own building! That won't be happening soon, though, because buidling rentals are very expensive, and buying . . . that's out of the question at this point! We have a standing request on our midweek prayer list for the Lord to provide a building in His time. If you'd like to join us in praying for a building, just mention us to the Lord every now and then! :) We'd sure appreciate it!

Coming up this Friday is Game Mania! During the school year, each church in our circle of fellowship hosts the area-wide youth activity each month. June is always our month (school doesn't end here till mid-June), and this time we're going to set up about 10-15 game tables, each with a different board or card game. We'll divide the teens into 4 teams and seat everyone at game tables, where they will begin the game that is on their table. Every 3-5 minutes, we'll blow a whistle, and everyone will get up and move to the next table and pick up that game where the previous group left off. Once or twice we'll have a "scramble" where, instead of going to the next table, each person will just run to any other table in the room and pick up that game. So not only will they never have the same game for more than a few minutes, they will not end the evening with the same teammates, either. There's lots of potential for mayhem - which will be part of the fun! We've done Nachos Supreme before - Texas style! - which was very popular, so that's what we're eating this time too. Lots of our people are signed up to come and help, too, which will bring our people even more together - a good thing all around!

This has been long, so I'll stop now. Thanks to all of you who pray for us - we sure do appreciate it! We could never stay in the ministry without your prayers.


  1. What a wonderful testimony!

    That game mania sounds fun!

  2. I LOVED reading about Coco!! Precious story. It just thrills me to read about God touching hearts. :) Thank you for sharing this!

  3. What a testimony Susan and inspiration...
    sometimes (many) I think we just have it so easy don't we...we don't appreciate what we have and how so much of world just doesn't ...
    thanks for this great encouraging SUNDAY post

  4. We enjoyed Coco so much Sunday! She'll be doing some of her deputation in the US, so if any of you meet a tiny little Asian lady from Vancouver, tell her you read my blog! :)


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